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  1. I can see droid boot on my tv screen via hdmi ,is this helpfull? but the bar is not moving.
  2. Can't boot into recovery black screen appers and can't see any thing after power and vol -.And this drivers are not installing i'm using windows 8.1 and what about the wire do i connect it .may i change the computer having win 7.
  3. Sorry for brief explanation... I've purchased a bricked phone Silly me as getting in low price and thought I'll unbrick it easily. So I dont know how it got bricked. Trying to unbrick from past 7 days. now here is the mess..... 1->When I've brought the phones I saw this so should I connect this small wire or it should be not connected I've connected it and tried many things and also disconnected and tried same things nothing worked. 2->Tried hdmi method but stucked to this window 3->Very confused in key combination for booting in different modes please tell me how to boot in fastboot,recovery and little blue man logo I guess droidboot 4->I tried aio tool but getting error:no device found or <waiting for device> I guess its due to usb debugging disable and is there any way to enable it in bricked phone and if yes where can I get Adb drivers for xolo x900 I AM USING WINDOWS 8.1. 5->Downloaded update.zip of 299 mb what or how it should be used I can't send it to my phone as I can't connect it to pc as mass storage 6->Dont know VNC SERVER what is that please give link for that if it helps me 7-> Used many fastboot commands but got error fastboot is not a recognised command WHY? please please help me i'm messed up if you answer please give the index as 1's answer or 2's which answer you are giving which will make it easy for me and many people who will read this post
  4. Hii all I was using blade for 2 year and now I use karbonn titanium s1 with snapdragon 200 quad core processor. Specs- http://pdadb.net/index.php?m=specs&id=4497&view=1&c=karbonn_s1_titanium So I've seen easy method porting rom for my phone here - http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1908008 My Question is 1.Can I use my stock rom as my base rom for this tutorial. 2.And mainly which rom should I take for port rom for this tutorial on my phone 3.In case I want to port cm 10.2 then can I use zte blade rom as port rom. 4.And if not then which phone's rom can I take as port rom.
  5. I was too facing this problem,Googled it but nothing works, but atlast i found the solution - just did the stock tpt and after tht wiped everthing and the installation was successful...
  6. nice ROM thanks konstat using 24/9 build because my downloading fails all the time and had to wait half hour everytime so hotfile su#ks please allow to mirror this ROM or change the link to media fire or someone upload it to torrent because it never fails and secondly a year ago I was too asking such dump question which people ask now but konstat u were replying with helping answer but now I'm shock to see ur messedup answers I guess you are tired of answering same questions many a time.
  7. Hey orange stock app-- taskkiller is not working so which one to use please provide link,and secondly you can please theme it to jelly bean ui along with lockscreen, glowing status bar and notification drawer because playstore launcers are not nice,otherwise best rom in such partition...
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