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  1. Hey guys, I have an m8 (mate) and can't wait to mate(or other synonym for mate) with it. Ideas? I see nightly Cyanogen mods around already. Other suggestions?
  2. Fixticks

    [Q] Orange Sim Toolkit disappeared

    Hehe nice, lets see if we can work this out together, I'm new at scripting so cant do that there, but yeah onto root and de-bloat. good thing i backed up the ics Gallery with titanium before i flashed xolo ICS.(also have to do the key mapping again, power button is depressed :(
  3. Fixticks

    [Q] Orange Sim Toolkit disappeared

    Hey guys, I flashed xolo ics back lost my deodex features and battery mod, but at least the Sim Toolkit app is working. Am thinking I should root and manually install the Apps that I'd enjoy on deodex and then try and manually add battery mod. Idea flawed? Better suggestions?
  4. Fixticks

    [Q] Orange Sim Toolkit disappeared

    My suspect was deodexing ICS may have removed it, i have battery mods too but i doubt its the reason. I noticed the Stk.apk is there in system/app but just cant run the lil git. Can't run my mobile banking now.usually change phones, yet i love my battery mods and the new changes deodex brought.
  5. Fixticks

    [Q] Orange Sim Toolkit disappeared

    Any progress on this Bluemoon? It's an absolute necessity for me, some services I would enjoy via Sim have no calling alternatives.
  6. I miss the sim toolkit, had some network functions including my mobile banking that I now miss. Running deodexed Xolo ICS with battery mods. Ideas on how I can get it back and not lose my customizations?
  7. ah sweet, let me give it a try.
  8. how do u make these themes, i want to make my own
  9. Thanks LOADS guys, let me get to work. @Jikobutsu plz tell me how i can use your battery mod theme with the AIO tool.
  10. Where are you guys mehn.... :huh: Anyway latest updates, I managed to root the device again using this http://www.modaco.com/topic/358242-how-to-root-your-san-diego/ though i remember it failing at first, don't know why it worked now, and since adbd Insecure was being a bitch i couldn't use the AIO tool for anything. After root, re-installed abdb Insecure (latest 1.2 from http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1459153), started up the AIO tool, got root. And re-tried the battery mod thing once again. This time i even downloaded the Circle-Mod just in case the ICS-circle i had was the problem. To follow the instructions to the letter, i put the system and framework apks on phone, and used Root browser lite to over write the ones in /system/app and /system/framework respectively, held power button to turn off phone(phone didn't freeze) then powered phone on. I was like :o when i saw the Intel logo appearing over and over, the boot screen kept looping till i held the power button to turn off. -did some searching on the forums :) () Entered fastboot by holding power button and Volume down keys to turn phone on. Got the weird blue Droid boot screen, started to AIO tool, it said "Error device not found" I just proceeded, Choose the Fix brick option, "Error device not found" I unplugged the phone, gave it like 10 seconds, put it back, then it started sending the update to the phone :P [Note: i put the Xolo update.zip inside the tool's /tools/bricked directory earlier] ...abraca... phone is back alive :D , lost root though, I tried to root again using AIO tool, but got the same errors I got when i replied on this thread, and once again :( adbd Insecure is beefing, asking for SuperUser access making the AIO tool un-usable. :wacko: I un-installed adbd Insecure, closed the AIO tool, killed adb process in task manager, and http://www.modaco.com/topic/358242-how-to-root-your-san-diego/ once again. It worked, got my root back :wub: Am feeling bad coz I won't dare try install the battery mod until I get feedback from the OP and this means I can't use fibblesan's mods yet coz i think it deodexes the phone right? and the battery mod can only be installed before deodex, i wonder how i can check my phone to see if am on odex or deodex may explain why am going through all this hustle. and how to revert to odex <_< . phew that was alot of text, onto enabling my volume down button as a power wake button while i wait. (plus removing that horrible power control in the notification area and replacing it with power toggles)
  11. First off to get the Battery rom I need to have root, which magically left when updated to Xolo ICS from USB. I tried to use Ricky's app to root and it seems like it is but no superuser app on my phone. Ideas? Also when i try to run adbd insecure it says, SuperUser access is needed but could not be acquired. Are you rooted and did you give permission? ... will be biting my fingernails in the meantime. Edit @jikobutsu i noticed you edited your original post yesterday, what did you change, are those updated download links coz in another post you mentioned fixing a typo.
  12. @BlueMoonRising i didnt blur my numbers coz i know you donno my country ;) I did an update to Xolo ICS from usb storage and it pretty sorted everything out, still need to add my Google account though, but i want to first tinker again before doing so. Battery rom second attempy here I come, I find it so important to glance and see the percentage instead of the icon.
  13. Do think I can install the battery rom then deodex afterwards, and i mean to use fibblesans xolodx-unbranded coz it really rids me of bloat and give me an awesome gallery.
  14. ooooh s***, i donno what i've done wrong. I was trying out your battery mods. I enabled insecure adb on my device. Then run these commands. D:\SanDiego\Xolo ICS\Ics Circle\Ics Circle>adb push SystemUI.apk /system/app adb server is out of date. killing... * daemon started successfully * 2305 KB/s (1359667 bytes in 0.576s) D:\SanDiego\Xolo ICS\Ics Circle\Ics Circle>adb push framework-res.apk /system/framework 3062 KB/s (7327011 bytes in 2.336s) I held the power button, then choose the power off option. When the phone rebooted. My whole notification bar was gone.Same with lots of other things, my contacts, wallpaper, widgets, it's also like i don't have a google account associated anymore. Help? cant seem to take a screenshot. so i made crappy photos using my webcam, sorry
  15. Fixticks

    [q] best replacement/tweaks for camera?

    @OP try Camera360 for those extra options like Enhance, they may add some color to your photos

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