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  1. Wierd phone, somewhere it says armv6 and somewhere armv7... I think, if it has MSM7227A chipset, it should be armv7... Blade has MSM7227 without A and is armv6..
  2. But you contradict a little bit here. Ace and Blade are armv6, but Skate has 800mhz armv7 CPU.... (sorry if im wrong, it should be since it is MSM7227A, but i dont know if there are some different versions)
  3. Androidbeliever, thank you for awesome looking work, I just love CM9 on Blade, CM10 (.1) is good too, but not for our phones. I'd like to have some questions. Are we able to use external GPS modul as in Eco CM9? Do we have to do full wipe when coming from Eco CM9, or formatting /system is going to be enough? Is it going to fit into 160MB partition? I think that would be expected if you want to compare to the other roms.
  4. Why would you use 3 years old rom? You better go with CM7 when you don't want Android 4.x
  5. Have a look at Eco CM9 http://www.modaco.com/topic/355540-27032013ics-eco-cm9-aiming-for-stability-and-battery-efficiency/ I'd say the best choice between functionality, speed and battery efficiency ;) Coldfusion X is a bit outdated, jventura updates this rom quite often :) Have fun :)
  6. I was just disappointed with the random lag on CM10.1, I'm using CM10 (29/01) at the moment, and everything is working okay :) I didn't try the newest CM10.1 with vsync, I might give it a try, but I'm pretty happy with CM10.
  7. To be clear, I meant the USB driver to make the speedtest (and some more) apps work. Just wanted to know if it's that difficult to port it from CM10 (not sure if Konstat made a patch for it)
  8. Hi, just started using this rom because I was getting tired of random reboots and unstability on CM10, and I have a little question, are you able to make this working? "backported USB gadget driver from msm-3.0 kernel (thanks to WaylandACE) fixed native USB tethering fixed issues with apps failing because of borked usb0 interface (e.g. network speedtest apps)"
  9. Is it just me, or the tethering doesn't seem to work? I wanted to make myself a hotspot and I can connect to the network, but I've got no internet connection on my laptop/other mobile. Did I flash the build wrong in some way or it's not just problem with my phone? Thanks.
  10. Is there any way to implement "High-end graphics effects" or how it was called, like in CM10? I really like how the display would darken while you pull the notification bar down, but this option isn't available on CM10.1
  11. 600mhz armv6 with adreno 200 is pretty much dead today, yes we are running JB on this hardware, but it just isn't powerful enough to handle better 3D games.. But I gotta say, I tried Farming Simulator, it looks pretty nice and isn't laggy at all. You can look here http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1993644 , this guy has ported some games to armv6, but unfortunately you need Chainfire 3D for majority of them.. Some of them are working OK even on ICS/JB though.
  12. Same performance as CM9 from KonstaT (his CM10 has waaaay lower performance), you cant use chainfire 3D on ICS and JB. (at least on our device)
  13. masterlud: Enable auto-rotate on homescreen, turn the phone to landscape and run camera app again. It should be OK.
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