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  1. @H3ROS Could you also include the feature that "all" of the CM based ROMs have - volume button music control? That's the only thing that's keeping me from using H3 right now, because no other app works as good as the native feature.
  2. 1. Oh, I didn't wipe my sd-ext and thought it had to be something with the new ROM, but I'll check my apps. 2. Thanks for that, it seems to be working much better now!
  3. It's been running fine for a few days now, but the only two problems seem to be that there's constantly a notification telling me to install a torch app that won't ever leave and the media volume for earphones is too damn high even on the first level, which is the usual stock ROM thing - could that be fixed?
  4. Right, I didn't seem to have enough brainpower back then. I have a plastic case at the moment that was just under 2 USD. It would work great if I cut a hole in it for the extra batteries and seal it again later, making it look like a real extended cover. Not to forget that I also built this some time ago for the cycling season. It just connects to the handlebar and lasts for a whole Century Ride (GPS, screen, 2G/3.5G).
  5. Sorry to disappoint you, but it's a dream and you'll wake in 10 minutes. Actually yes, it's the cheapest gel case I could find on eBay that wouldn't slip off the tables. I only had trouble charging my phone with all the batteries under it, so I had to partially take the cover off when doing so.
  6. Estonia doesn't count as a parallel universe, yet, lol. Did you use OEM or aftermarket Nokia batteries for yours? My aftermarket Skate battery was paired with two OEM Nokia ones.
  7. Hey, that's my hack! http://www.modaco.com/topic/359065-battery-life/ Anyway, good job. However I'm sure that the original battery should last for 7 hours when playing music. I've used 2G, GPS and Player Pro for 4 hours continuously when walking and I still had 1% of battery left, lol. I wanted to take my mod to the next level with three original second hand OEM Skate batteries sold on eBay UK for just 3£ a piece, but I've been too busy for that recently. I currently have three and I swap them when needed.
  8. It's working fine now for some reason. Ah I see, but at least the ROM is snappy and has buttons in notifications menu, so it isn't a huge loss not having CM. I'm just really used to it and would like to disable overflow and enable compact carrier label though. Everything else I can edit in build.prop.
  9. After playing around with this a little, I got to say it's smooth and nice, but lacks the common Cyanogenmod menu that I really need. Another thing is that Play Store stopped working and I couldn't get adb to work to diagnose (the phone was listed as "E:\" under Portable Devices, therefore being in MTP mode). The problem seemed to be in build.prop, because after removing the following lines, adb started working correctly. Could you look into that and maybe remove that mess from the next version? persist.sys.timezone=Europe/London persist.sys.usb.enable_switch=1 persist.sys.usb.linux_switch=1 persist.sys.usb.switch_pid=0x1354 persist.sys.usb.linux_pid=0x1350 persist.sys.usb.default.pid=0x83 persist.sys.shutdown.mode=hibernate
  10. Pretty cool and fast. Right now I'm using both Gingerbread's and Dolphin Browser Mini which do the job depending on the task, as Dolphin isn't very good with Javascript etc. I'd also recommend Circle Alarm which might fit better with the overall theme of the ROM.
  11. As far as I know, no. It should be physically different routing of PCB tracks inside the phone. I currently own a pair of Koss The Plugs (Amazon) and they are just over a year old. Call me cheap or whatever, but I don't want to let these go and would rather repair them than buy new ones. All I've done to mine so far has been replacing the buds with ones from hardware store (as have done many others) and the 3.5 mm cable with a cheap eBay one - so far so good.
  12. Haven't you enabled render effects in CM settings? (Just kidding.) If the hue is equally all over the screen, its probably the cable connection. What did you clean it with anyway? Anything other than alcohol and you'd probably risk damaging the LCD.
  13. Yes, Windows 8 is pretty amazing at installing (most of) the drivers itself, but it still has some flaws. Last time I checked, USB tethering and my printer refused to work with it.
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