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    DjangoManoucheX (Q & A)

    So, i guess that i can ask here... Would upload be ready soon?? I am really interested in carburano's DM, because i tried many roms for p990 and any of them can't compare to DM! My phone is so laggy with all this roms from xda, battery life bad... need my phone for daily usage... P.S. This is not demand, just i am curious because i can't wait to install DM again! Thanks carburano!
  2. can someone give mirror for B952 general version please??? it is impossible to download from www.huaweidevice.com
  3. 2 months ago, i did wrong flashing of my device and any of services can't fix it! I did exactly this: Wanted to downgrade to b888 from b892, and with app toolbox5irom i saved my imei, did a restore operation but with wrong 5irom folder (for huavei ideos x6), restarted my phone, and after that, phone stucks on splash screen showing IDEOS logo.. I've tried all methods over computer, but it won't get in recovery and bootloader mod, only wants to go in download mod (pink screen). I've tried with DFS, DC unlocker, but my computer doesn't recognizes it as a mobile device, it says android db adapter is connected and recognizes phone as a modem (i think). When i try to do sd card update, package extracts but after extracting it stucks and install stops.. Some people says that if there is a pink screen, there is a hope, but i don't know what to do! If there is anyone who knows how to fix this problem, please help me! BOOT partition is gone for sure, and maybe something else? Is there any chance to fix it with some BOX device? Again, please, help! I am really desperate! Thanks in Advance!
  4. i have tried all common stuff... still nothing.. i said that i can't enter into recovery, can't do anything with dload folders because every time i try that method, unpacking goes well but when it begin to install, there is update failed sign.. just one thing i can do, enter in pink screen mode and PC recognizes my device as "huawei technologies" device with modem instaled and something like db android driver... but it even can't recieve fastboot commands!! Can somebody please help?? Is there any solution?
  5. ok, u said that i should use zero imei flash, but how i can do that when my phone stucks at splash screen?
  6. i have tried what u mentioned in post above, but still nothing happens with fastboot command.. windows installs a device and device manager recognizes it like HUAWEI technologies modem. but with that fastboot command can't start! anything else can help here?? Could u please explain me step-by-step???
  7. ok, i tried that to.. but how to get CWM with fastboot when windows doesn't recognises the device? it only says "waiting for devices" and nothing happens..
  8. i tried like that.. computer was recognized my device, but when i want to go in bootloader mod, nothing's happening.. please, can u explain me step by step what to do?
  9. Can u please explain me how to do that? i know just for pink screen when force update can't be done... I have tried many things but, still no solution... PLS HELP!
  10. I have backed up my IMEI number and than restored wrong (from ideos x5). Now i can't do nothing with my phone! Can't enter in recovery, can't do force upgrade..... Can sombody please help??? Even, i tried installing recovery with fastboot, but my computer doesn't recognize my device! Is there any solution for fixing this?? Thanks in advance!!!

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