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  1. Hey Kra1o5 ! I just want to know what you think about PDroid ? Wouldn't this be intersting to integrate it in the ROM :ph34r: ? I found an app that does similar things than PDroid, but you don't need to patch your ROM, just install the XPOSED framework :wub: ! But, this app is still in beta and doesn't give you all the functions that PDroid gives. Also want to know what you think about the V6 SuperCharger scripts ? Does it give something more than what you've already tweaked ? I belive that you've already done some memory management tweaks. Thanks a lot for the ROM and its updates by the way !!! :D
  2. Screen Filter App that allows you to dim the luminosity under the stock minimum by applying a filter. (Beware that it has an issue in installing apk, you have to disable it, when you want to install an apk, otherwise you will not be able to push the install button)
  3. You just have to download the autoPatch put it in the same folder than your ROM Then use this command ./auto_patcher <ROMNAME>.zip <MODS> In our case that will be ./auto_patcher u8815_PAC_JB_4.2.2-v23.0.0_20130616-115205.zip pdroid
  4. Yes we agree, but we are discussing about the advandatages of using PDroid. It allows a better permission's management in the way that it doesn't disable it but give false informations to it. I use the built in permission management and when I disable an internet permission for an app it will not work because it needs all it permission to work properly. PDroid will leave the permission but make the app believe that there is no internet connection. But may be I totally wrong here... :unsure:
  5. The thread I linked before was refering to an Auto-Patcher for many thing, including PDroid for PAC ROM under 4.2.2. So I believe it's pretty easy and shouldn't be a pain to integrate in our ROM ^_^ . I was about to do it ;)
  6. If I'm understanding well and by my own experience, the permission manager in PAC allows you only to disable some permissions for an app, but this app can need these permissions to work and then will not launch until you reallow them. PDroid alows you to trick the app by giving it some false information and so, in some kind, disable permission needed by the app. So PDroid is well more effective protection. Am I right ?
  7. I've just seen that PDroid is available for 4.2.2, so I was wondering what will it bring more than the premission manager in the PAC ROM ?
  8. you go ! First link in a Google research ^_^ ! I also want to share a reboot that I've just suffered : I was asking to my friend to spam me to test my notification in Halo and the vibration mode I was tweaking. Then after several sms received, I get a reboot. I was on 3G since this morning, because I subscribed recently to some data coverage. I just unlocked the bootloader with the unlock code from Huawei, so, normaly, it's not related... But I'm keep thinking that it's, somehow, related. I don't have a log because I didn't took the time to install catLog, but I will when I get back home and send you some if I have, an other time, this reboot. EDIT : I just realised that I flashed the R14 thinking it was the R16... <_<
  9. HaxSync is what you're looking for... but it's a paid app
  10. Just want to know if the app One Power Guard will interfere with optimisations you've made ?
  11. They answered really quickly to my previous mail but they told me to use the form on the website. So answered back : "I tried, multiple times in the past weeks, to obtain the code from the form in your website and I still waiting for it. As you answered pretty quickly to my last mail, may I ask you to give it directly to me ?" And that's worked ! Within the hour they gave me the unlock code. So I really recomend to send a mail telling them that you are waiting for too long.
  12. I get back to a stock ROM and get my product ID, so I made the unlock demand by their website... but I'm still waiting for the code... It was a week ago. I think that I will go back to a direct mail but with the product ID in it and if they tell me to pass by their website, I will shut out that I'm still waiting it. By the way, I want to say that I had "the pink bar stuck at 30%" problem with the force update, but I follow the little tuto from flor90 (the zero IMEI method) and it worked ! So thanks a lot !!!
  13. Now we will get some posts from him saying "my system carshed I don't know why ? Can you help ?" :P
  14. Why do you want to do that ? What this will bring to you ? It's part of the Panaroid ROM and Kra1o5's release was made to integrate it... You can try to find the apk in system but I seriously don't recommend that... If you don't want it don't use it !
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