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  1. yes and the annoying thing is that you have to go into settings go to wifi and restart it until your wifi ap comes up -.-
  2. go to Settings->About Phone->Then Keep tapping build number until it says 'You are now a developer!'->Go back to settings->Performance->Press 'Force high-end Graphics'->Reboot->TA DA You now have transparent status bar. If you want Navigation bar: Settings->Interface->Press 'Show navigation bar'->Reboot->TA DA you have a nexus 5!
  3. ct97524

    [APP] TPT Helper

    that is NOT how you install a TPT correct method is as follows: download a tpt and make the tpt is extracted in a folder called image turrn off phone hold vol - and menu THEN power some sort of update should say like t-Flash card update then your done :D
  4. ct97524

    Guess what? It's me again.

    If you are really struggling with this method try the tpt method for rooting and cwm. It is what I did. Download TPTHelper from the play store if you are really struggling to root
  5. ct97524

    "Bricked" zte skate

    You are welcome
  6. ct97524

    "Bricked" zte skate

    The splash screen if you haven't changed it. It should look like an android
  7. ct97524

    "Bricked" zte skate

    Sorry power + menu + vol down
  8. ct97524

    "Bricked" zte skate

    Hello Longi, I'd say to flash another recovery and another rom as there is an occuring problem with the jenkins roms. The gapps dont work anymore as i found this out myself. Also power+vol down is bootloader. razzmatazgot us a cwm 6 recovery somewhere on the forum. Look for it. Flash it with adb/fastboot when you have booted into the bootloader power + vol down. Then flash either rootbox, slim bean or paranoidjelly2. ct97524
  9. ct97524

    A thank you note...

    I know great times with our beloved skate but know I am looking forward to either a nexus 5 or thl w8s
  10. ct97524

    android 4.4 for zte skate?

    no because everything in the 4.0+ ROMs is terribly terribly hacked and potentially unreliable!
  11. ct97524

    android 4.4 for zte skate?

    also part of the infrastructure of KitKat has been replaced with a more efficient element. it has something to do with the way it handles the ram and cpu power
  12. ct97524

    android 4.4 for zte skate?

    we should write to zte for the source code. But here is the thing the zte blade and the zte racer will be on 4.4 next year we just need time really
  13. ct97524

    android 4.4 for zte skate?

    Sorry but you are totally wrong about this. Google promised to make the android kitkat 4.4 armv6 compatible and 512mb ram compatible as well. as they said "all the way back to froyo phones". Also the ENTRY LEVEL PHONES are getting special attention!
  14. ct97524

    [ROM][JB 4.3] Jenkins CM10.2 build

    4.4 has already been pushed to AOSP
  15. ct97524

    [ROM][JB 4.3] Jenkins CM10.2 build

    Don't say that! Android 4.4 kitkat is going to be compatible all way back to armv5 froyo phones YESS!!!!

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