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    Motorola RAZR i review

    Very good review, the black strip below the screen is a show stopper; they should have put the phone buttons there instead!! This would have been my next phone otherwise.
  2. !!...Thanks dt_matthews, that fixed it!! :0)
  3. I have installed Infusion-G300-B270812 today. There is white line (green when connected to USB) on top of the screen.
  4. ctrlro, I had the same problem as you in the UK. These are the steps I used to upgrade to the official B934 1) I used another SD; card 8Gig 2) Format SD card using CWM 3) CWM factory reset 4) Middle package to downgrade to stock B885 - using software upgrade method from SD card 5) Over The Air upgrade to B892 6) Middle package to upgrade to stock B934 - using software upgrade method from SD card Been using 2 days now and no reboots so far, it is HSPDA: 9

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