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  1. awesome ROM, just put it on thanks alot and if there are any jelly bean ROMS coming soo post a link Thanks
  2. can i use the file in fastboot mode, please answer
  3. professionalnoob

    1-click Recovery Flasher (LG GT540)

    will this work on the ornage sanfrancisco 2/zte blade 2
  4. i was wondering if anyone knows how to use my android phone as a graphics tablet on the computer and if it is compatible with windows and photoshop

  5. professionalnoob

    Sony confirm which 2012 Xperias will get Jellybean

    i think that the decision not to upgrade some of the best selling Sony devices are pretty stupid. i think that if they did upgrade these popular devices then they will be more popular. that is really annoying especially when the xperia E is getting an update and it able to run jelly bean...
  6. professionalnoob

    LG Optimus battery drain

    download batter calibration and recalibrate it when fullly charged
  7. but the files for it are not workign or not there so i have to constantly do it through cmd and i already have fastboot enabled and i flashed the rom carefully but the same thing happnes and even wipeding dalvik cache doesnt do the trick maby it the apps UID's that need to be wiped anyone know how to do that
  8. professionalnoob

    1 click automatic installer

    yeah i tryed factory reset but the same thing happens exactly 2 weeks later and sometimes it doesnt even boot up it just gets stuck so i cant even enter the phone to factory reset but thanks for replying
  9. done it to my phone after 2 weekd everything force closing and i rebooted my phone but it got stuck on a boot loop anyone help please
  10. professionalnoob

    1-click Recovery Flasher (LG GT540)

    your 1 cick recovery flasher but my phone in a boot loop and wont start up how do i fix this
  11. professionalnoob

    1 click automatic installer

    after only a few houres everything keeps forceclosing can any one help me i tink its the dalvik chache i cant delete it because clockworkmod dosnt work is there any other way to do it?
  12. professionalnoob

    1 click automatic installer

    just an update i found an installer for 2.3.3 and i got the file for 2.3.7 and now it has android 2.3.7 but clockwork dosnt work but i dont mind as long as there are no problems or bugs
  13. hi it would be really nice if you can make a 1 click installer or update for this because i and a lot of other people are new to this and we would be really grateful for it
  14. professionalnoob

    1 click automatic installer

    hi i am new to installing roms my first rom i istalled on my lg gt540 it cm7 android 2.3.3. for this rom i downloaded somethig that automatically flashed it for me. since then i have had problems. in a week all the app start to force close and when i turn it on and off a gain it get stuck on the boot loop. the phone has clockworkmod installed but it dosent work eg. when i enter it and click anything it just sits ther on the logo doing noothing. can anyone please me me fix this , but what will be really great is if someone can make an automatic installer that will wipe everything and install clockworkmod 6 and android 2.3.7 that would be my dream. can anyone please help me i am in a sticky situtation there. thank you

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