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  1. Hi friends.... i sold my G300 and got a new phone: Huawei Ascend P1.A very good phone. Just going to say many thanks for everything and may God Bless everyone. :(
  2. Try this one.its better http://www.modaco.co...2030-8-12-2012/
  3. Maybe its the 2 version of the one that i have posted above.
  4. Hi.... go here: http://www.modaco.co...l-applications/
  5. Hi friends.... go here because this app o mod i think can be very interesting. From XDA: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1987032&nocache=1
  6. Rom Information Used Google translate No LT26i (on Figure rightmost) so doeth according to the pictures of the Sony forum ROM, you should still have a large part of a similar part of the resources extracted from Sony machine part is modified a little, spend a lot of time. Beautify things differ from each other, out of respect for the author's hope that we try not to spray, do not like this style brush else like. ROM Features: 1. based on official 4.0.3 comes with root and RE Manager . transplantation Sony UI: boot animation, ringtones, fonts, background; framework beautify close LT26i style, including the top bar, pull-down landscaping; 4. transplant Sony starter (small hand-finished version), weather Sony, Sony clock, Sony a key lock screen plug; 5. built-in Sony WALKMAN player supports Dolby sound, the official player supports SRS surround sound, meet songs need; built-in Google Kit Lite, after landing Google account support thumb to play the Download packet game; support SMS pop; 9 other modifications.
  7. Hehehehehe well in this period we drink a lot... :blink:
  8. Hi friends.... found this from XDA. Maybe this can be useful for someone. Go here: http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=2058944
  9. Hi friends.... this one is based on B952 by Lishuo0427. I didn't have time to try it. I hope its good...enjoy!! http://www.mediafire...u67uxs0azaoored Just go here for Rom information: http://www.romzj.com/resources/other.html?view=rom&id=6215&layout=default
  10. Hi b4da55.... thanks a lot for everything and may God Bless you always! :)
  12. Hi Krishang3.... i like your roms. Will B3 be your last version because your working on a new rom?
  13. Hi friends.... this is the imitation of the Sony Xperia ST26i from the same author of the Samsung Galaxy 3 style Birdyi. Its Multilanguage. Try it and enjoy!! :) (MORE UPDATES WILL COME) http://www.solidfile...m/d/faa9bdbb6a/ Gapps: http://www.mediafire...oc1gcay4qovndzn
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