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  1. Ah, yeah. That did come up when I was searching but I was hoping there was an alternative. I don't mind paying for software, but it's offputting when it's from slightly ropey-looking websites like that one. Is this the software you used? I might give it a go.
  2. As I said I'm already doing that. I don't see how I could transfer them from my Gmail back into SMS format on iOS though, since the app is Android only (I haven't seen any similar apps that or on both Android and iOS either).
  3. Currently I keep a backup of all my SMS using SMS Backup + (Jan Berkel), which backs up all my messages to my Gmail account then lets me restore them to the phone again, which has served me well going from one Android phone to another over the years, but I've recently been given an iPhone 4 and decided to give it a try for a while, although ultimately I'll probably go back to Android at a later date. Any idea how I'd go about backing up my SMS then converting/restoring it to the iPhone? I've googled around but all the guides seem to be aimed at doing the inverse.
  4. The forum rules, posts by moderators expressing the same sentiment in similar discussions, and the policy of the majority of forums in general.
  5. Actually you said worse... Interestingly your post there actual is in violation of the forum rules (and I reported it to the moderators as such) whilst asking for an ETA isn't.
  6. You're missing my point though. It's not about how impolite a reply those constantly asking for ETA's get, it's about the negative impact in general is to have the same few individuals constantly going on about it. To me that's just as disruptive as the people asking for ETA's (again see NikitoGR's post above with the massive red font as a classic example). As well as the fact it's simply no-one's place other than the moderators or the developer to respond to that kind of behaviour. Forums have moderators for a reason.
  7. I agree, and I've never asked for an ETA either for the same reason. But at the end of the day it's not in violation of the actual rules, even if it is bad etiquette and it's not my - or anyone else's - place to tell someone not to ask for an ETA than the developer of the ROM themselves, or a moderator. People jumping on the "don't ask for ETA's" bandwagon just add further disruption and problems (as evidenced by NikitoGR's post above)
  8. It's not your place to dictate what people can and can't ask, NikitoGR. Also, the people who consistently make posts along the lines of "don't ask for ETA's" over and over (e.g. joandrade, kyan31, et al) are just as disruptive and annoying in my opinion as the people asking for them, of not moreso, since they have no authority to be making that kind of statement.
  9. This has happened to me but it hasn't been that frequent.
  10. Yes, the random freezes have been reported multiple times already, with the status bar particularly prone to freezing. R2 seems to have fixed it.
  11. Are you a developer of the CM10 port for the G300 (genuine question)? If not, why are you answering as if you are, or have any authority over what people can and can't ask the developers?
  12. Disable HW overlay makes no noticeable difference for me as far as I can tell. Still crashes sporadically. Usable, but need to be reboot every hour or so after it's froze.
  13. Not quite. Smartphones tend to come round in roughly twelve month cycles, we're already past the midway point of the G300's, which was first announced way back in February. I would expect an announcement of a spiritual successor (in the same way many people considered the G300 a natural successor to the Blade) in the next few months with general availability in summer. In my opinion the G330 is really an incremental in-between update and will be quickly eclipsed, with much less developer interest than the G300 has gotten. With that in mind I don't think it's a bad idea to suggest holding off a few more months if possible.
  14. Just realise you'll most likely be stuck with the stock ROM if you go with a G330 and Huawei or ZTE or another company will most likely come out with a budget phone in summer with ICS or JB and better specs for the same price.
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