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  1. Hi I have one question. Is there any way to play on our s2 using xbox controller without "usb/bt joycenter"? Some kind of drivers or something, maybe new kernel with controller support? Sorry for my bad english but i think you'll understand me :)
  2. Sorry zeelog but this rom sucks :) too much reboots, settings still crushing when i turn wifi on, my statusbar didint work today (i did a reboot and it's fine now). i will back to cm 10.1 or 7. Maybe one day i'll back to this ROM :) P.S. i know that my english sucks too :P
  3. I'm using this ROM and i have one problem :) waking up is to long,sometimes i must wait 3/4 sec :D oh and another one problem, where is option to disable pages (camera etc) on lockscreen?
  4. Thanks for answer Lister :) maybe i'll try this ROM, but pac is working without any bugs and i like it :D but i like "testing" new ROMs and its new features too, so i've little problem... you're using this ROM now, right? Is there any bugs except S2E (i dont need it :) ) ?
  5. i know that "full wipe is a must", i was asking about any changes like new interface or something. Is there any reason to install this version? I have pacman already and i dont see difference betwen these two ROMs Sorry for my bad english :P

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