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  1. Since using b952 update.app its solved my reboot problem, it would always reboot after just reconnecting to 3g after a signal drop. It happened loads before while I was on the train always in the same area.
  2. Rinnegan

    B944 RIL ?

    What did you flash was it sd card or the repack. If it was the repack you need to flash the ril for the last sd card update you done. I am running b944 repack, the last sd card up date I done was B940 (this has firmware updates the zips dont have), so i flashed the ril for b940 even though Im running b944 rom. If you have flashed the wrong ril it can give you more problems............I had done this because i couldnt remember which sd card update i had done last, so i guessed and ended up with lots of reboots.
  3. Rinnegan

    Headphone Audio Quality

    So beats mods is not working for me on b944, Dsp is being very temperamental, some of the eq's on the market are working a treat.
  4. Cheers for the new Kernal V fast and stable. You will be fine to flash this over #16.
  5. Does this rom have panorama shot in the camera, I have Flashed a new kernal and now I have it. Could any one on the stock kernal check for me.
  6. For me Baseband b940 + Ril Patch, b944 repack modded a bit, clocked kernal.
  7. Downgrade upgrade imei way, I couldnt update after i got to B926, Downgraded and then used middle package. now all updates work.
  8. Put the back up of the imei on both internal storage and sd card, restore, reboot then check. You need to do the downgrade upgrade to get the correct firmware for the baseband, theres a guide Here.
  9. Possible dodgy flash. Can you still access sd from the phone, if you can do the sd card update for the same baseband rom (use a sd card reader to put it on), Double check all the drivers are installed correctly ( I had a problem with fast boot), then re root ,boot and CWM............. If you want to go back to stock its harder but i would recomend doing the above to avoid any problems.
  10. Rinnegan

    XT9 Pack / Guide

    OK you don't install, move the apk file to the system/app then correct the permissions, reboot and you should be up and running. If not there's the touch pal keyboard on the market and it free
  11. Thanks dan, just found it can be underclocked in the setting too. but the VR I/O Schedule looks tempting.
  12. Thanks for the hard work on the rom, nice and fast. Does it have an overclockable kernal (I only use it for underclocking to save on battery.)
  13. Avast all the way, I only use it for the the firewall though.

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