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  1. The limited audience is developer KonstaT very thankfull! B)
  2. SMHenryT


    Yes, it's 16MB large (16.777.216 bytes exactly). There seems to be no recovery-from-boot.p file on my device. I checked the /system folder. I'm new to this custom ROM's but I have a question about it. I wish I could use this phone as a flashlight, which seems impossible for the moment. I found out that it has only 2 supported flashmodes: off,on. In order to work as a flashlight there should be a third mode: torch. So my question: could a custom ROM be able to let the phone work as a flashlight?
  3. SMHenryT


    @Yurbuh Tuggly I did the romdump thing and it created 4 files: config.gz, system.info.gz, system.tar and a checksum.md5. @KonstaT I also saw the official Ice Cream Sandwich update (even before I bought the phone). But I didn't know it was the same as a ROM dump. I thought it was an update for our devices that ran an older version of Android (Froyo, Gingerbread). So wrong thinking of me... @KonstaT Also thanks for figuring the /dev/block/.. things out! I ran succesfully this code: dd if=/dev/block/mmcblk0p17 of=/sdcard/recovery.img and it created a recovery.img file. One question: What's the difference between this file and the recovery-from-boot.p file (from the update). @Yurbuh Tuggly Is there a way to see that the bootloader is unlocked? Or do I have to try installing a new bootloader and see what it brings.
  4. SMHenryT


    Succes! :) I also followed those instructions for rooting. I just skipped unlocking the bootloader. Also I didn't select the 'wipe cache partition', I just selected 'Reboot'. I wasn't sure that a partition would be erased or not. THANKS so much!! Unfortunately that romdump isn't working (see Avenger 2.0). Maybe I could try but I probably wil have the same error. One more thing; @Yurbuh Tuggly; why did you replace superuser by SuperSU chainfire version? Does it have extra functions?
  5. SMHenryT


    Will this rom dump modify the recovery partition? (or any other files?) I would prefer to make a full restorable ROM image. Does someone know how to proceed? Is it correct that we need 2 phones for that? I'm reading another topic but not everything is clear right now. If I'm correct this is the procedure to follow: The first person installs clockworkmod recovery and does a nandroid backup (hence by installing CWM the recovery partition is modified) This person uploads the boot.img and hopefully some clever (genius) forum member creates an insecure boot partition. The second person installs this insecure boot partition and does a dump of the original recovery partition. Finally, by combining these two backup's, it is possible to create a full stock ROM image. Correct? So we need another person with a originally recovery partition. And after the backup we can ROOT the phone, or is this already done when creating the insecure boot partition? Btw: if someone can use this, here's some original kernel source code by ZTE.
  6. SMHenryT


    Hello, I bought a Medion P4012 (MD98911) in the Aldi in Belgium. (Btw, there's a typo in the first post by the TS, he wrote P4102) And I want to root my smartphone. I also want a backup from the original stockROM so I could flash it back (e.g. if i need it for warranty purposes). Is this possible? And could someone explain to a noob. Thanks in advance. Or do I just have to following these instructions:

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