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  1. That's amazing!!! 4.3 on my blade!...nice one!...btw, i stil use my blade as my everyday pnhone, it's the only i got!! keep the work bro!!!
  2. karkov87

    [APP] FusionX Multiboot [MULTIBOOT]

    Hi, sorry to bother you, but i was hoping you can send me, if you still have it, an earlier version of your multibbot app, the version 4.1 dosen't work on my blade, but the 2.1 or something, worked very well, unfortunatly lost the apk. would apreciate it! thanks in advance.
  3. by the way, not wanting too much i hope, can you point me som tool to boot animations??...
  4. Thank you a lot!...surfed the net a couple hours but couldn't find anything... Made my day :)
  5. Can someone make me a flashable zip to replacemy splash image with this one?? being trying myself but couldn't do it..:\ Thanks in advance!!
  6. karkov87

    [APP] FusionX Multiboot [MULTIBOOT]

    hi!.. in first place, Congratulations for this amazing work!.. got it to work smoothly with mokee on my blade, but i had t flash it twice as you suggested! Thanks for the great work!

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