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  1. thanks for the last build KonstaT, glad you share it with us :)
  2. Bro (If I can call you that), I will definitely try to drop some euros on that paypal! I'm also kinda broke but your work is amazing :) we're all very thankful for a stable CM10 on our old outdated blades that are rocking your ROM like a baws! Thanks for everything I'll try to donate ASAP ;D Good going with the donate button, I really hope people appreciate your work ;)
  3. needs the lockscreen smoothness to be complete :D
  4. This was recently addressed by daemond
  5. 4.2.2 came out today, there were Bluetooth A2P fixes, the ones we need for this to run "stable". KonstaT will probably release an update as soon as he's able to.
  6. Can you look into zeelog's code,? He has panorama fixed on 4.1 camera, it's a little bit better since you can slide to gallery :P
  7. yeah no problem, the work's yours and KonstaT's why would I take credit for both of you.
  8. Daemond, please post this on xda. If you don't can I have permission to post it there with the given credits to you?
  9. Has the latest patches available for our device, and implements that function you need easily :P
  10. your problem, not happening here, format /system before installing the ROM

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