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  1. in2ext just mount sd-ext full as /data.partion details show SD-EXT 0B/0B.random stucks and reboot automatically.and a little laggy. eveything will be gone without my sdcard inserted. 11 JAN version reboots without mounting sd-ext sometimes.15JAN WAS FULLY OK WITH THIS. Btw great great great job for our blade.Thank you ,zeelog
  2. oh man,that 's really good job. but, where is PIE& navgition bar?i can't find them. have you considering about OmniROM for our blade? what do you think of OmniROM
  3. 1.i don't think ZTE Libra using the same rom with Blade.because of different Hardware 2.you can buy ZTE Blade ( V880 in chinese ,512M ram is about 50 dollars) in tao(delete this)bao.com .but Express delivery only in China.
  4. well,sorry for my bad attitude. what i mean is the unchangable height Navgation bar is bad. & two Options seperated ,that is really strange. thanks for you great job on our blade.
  5. it is in SETTING->Developer options->Force Navigation bar large and sucks i use pie instead
  6. @KonstaT something wrong with the WIFI. wakign up my blade after sleep with Wifi reconnecting, it can"t connect to internet.
  7. how did you partition your SDcard? my ext2 partition isnt reconized by my 4.22
  8. but ROM doesn't have Privacy Guard。 Appriciate for what you are doing for v880.Thanks dude
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