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  1. Just for info: My 3rd G300's mic now is perfectly loud again, other people can hear me alright (like my 1st G300...). So it really differs from phone to phone. ROM version seems not to have any effect on this.
  2. I'm afraid saiem1 is right... no WiFi here, too. First of all, directly after booting up for the first time, it did not even ask for WiFi to be enabled (very strange). Well, I though, OK, I can enable it afterwards. But I can't. The switch is disabled. No activation possible. Screen just says "Enable WiFi?" (in German). Update: Sometimes the WiFi-switch is enabled. Then I can move it to "On". Shortly afterwards, it switches back to "off" itself. I'm glad I made a update via CMW before moving to B934... (I'm very new to all of this). But this B934-version definitively does not work for me (I updated from B927 which worked fine). Maybe the B934 stock version does not has the WiFi-problems, I did not check that out. By the way, I searched the forum here for quite a time - where can I get a stock (i.e. unmodified) B940? (ideally with vendor.app) Best regards, M.
  3. Thanks for the answer. I am on B927 and adding the line in the build prop file did not work for me :-(. Bloody hell. OK, I guess I have to go the the local Vodafone store again.
  4. Hi, is there anything new on this issue? I think somehow this fault is device-specific. I returned my first G300 because I had the "random factory resets"-problem and got a replacement. The replacement has the "low mic during calls" issue, the original one did not! Is there nothing else I can do to solve this apart from calling via speaker?

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