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  1. when i installed your rom i logged in to google. and wallpaper was automatically downloaded.. and when i rebooted phone it changes to the default one. Wifi is working fine now. i have no idea why it did not wanted to start.. maybe because battery died last time while playing game.
  2. there are bugs in this rom. When i installed it it worked fine. But when i reboot my wallpaper always change to default slim one. and i can not turn on wifi. wifi worked fine. Now i just cant make it to work.. But great work.. this is very promising rom. i wish you will be able to fix it
  3. my neighbor uses wep :) which i sometimes use :) when i update google apps i use system cleaner to replace apk-s with the newest ones.. so that is not the problem. i believe that hangouts starts faster with this gapps and that it uses little less ram.. maybe i am wrong.. but hey i'm just trying all the combinations XD do not be offended :)
  4. Does anybody else have problems connecting to Wep encrypted wireless networks on cm11? btw try this gapps.. i believe it works beter somehow.. http://www.modaco.com/topic/372403-gapps4443422412404-yourzgapps-xs-black-multidpi/?hl=gapps#entry2211314
  5. i installed latest build one or two hours ago.. and viber did not wanted to start.. it worked just fine on some older KK.. did not used voip to call land-lines.. everything else worked good.. Edit: i have installed now cm11 that is 4 days older and viber works ..
  6. Android keyboard is more than 50 MB in space and it is always installed in system partition. if developer replace that apk with some smaller they can have more system space needed .. just a suggestion ..
  7. viber worked just fine for chating and stuff.. now i can not even start it..
  8. on kit kat i put min. procesor to 245 and max procesor to 600 Mhz .. battery last much longer.. and everything important still works... if i play games then i change it back to 1000 mhz
  9. Thank you rhen :) And thank you zz3bra .. now it is working on my pc.. but how to change dns on phone XD edit: ok i did in my router. tnx edit 2: there is some kind of problem with ssl security certificate
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