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  1. Seriously, unused RAM is wasted RAM. Don't worry if some screen tells you that nothing is free. It's fine, really. Android does a pretty good job of managing the RAM these days. Remove your task killer and just be happy. In fact a task killer will just make your device slower when you switch to a task you want to use again, plus the overhead of the task killer's service. It's just not needed. It wasn't really needed in the Android 2.x days, and it's certainly not needed now. If there is a app or service (from an app) which is running in the services list all the time, slowing down your phone and gobbling up battery, then simply uninstall it and find an alternative. Android is at a really good critical mass right now, damn near everything has a alternative and developers should never be rewarded for writing crap resource hogging software. Especially facebook. For today, 1GB is more than enough, if Android does actually run out, then it does a pretty sweet job of managing the running apps itself. As an app developer, it's drummed into you all the time that your app could be killed by Android at any time to save memory, and your app has to deal with that gracefully.
  2. Similar for me. I've been an Ovivo customer for about a month and a half now. Was rather annoyed by the change away from the packs, as they were really helpful to buy data when we were away from home for any length of time. Never saw a single advert when I was with them the whole time. I did play with Onavo (data compression app, uses VPN for this, so effectively, no ads would get through) for a while, and checked via Twitter that this would be okay. Ovivo said they had no problem with it, T&Cs also don't mention VPNs, so I suspect they have dropped the idea of adverts altogether. Thankfully I was smart enough to e-mail them about my coverage problems at home from the start, and got a really healthy amount of time to port out *and* get a refund of unused credit. Which I've now done. So now I'm moving to Three, as I want unlimited data, and giffgaff/O2's signal is a little shaky at home... So that's my phone sorted with a 30-day contract. For Ovivo's flaws though... If I had decent signal at home, I'd have been tempted to stay, and even forfeit the unlimited data, as the customer service was excellent, and the price was right, for the most part. When the new Nexus 7 comes out, I will be buying the 3G version, and shoving a sim card from Ovivo in it... Just 'cos I can! Ovivo has it's place, but not for my main phone anymore, sadly. Also got a Samba SIM, which is pretty good and works well with my MiFi device. Nexus7 Mk2 with a Ovivo SIM, and Samba with a Mifi will be a killer combination for my time away from home and should guarantee good signal everywhere with a low price of £0/month. Not bad.
  3. These are probably public certificates. We'll need the private ones to sign firmware and fool the OSD into running custom roms. These work in a "private/public" pair combination. The signer has the private key, and the receiver the public key to check the signer's private key is legitimate. This is how secure websites load on the Internet; You have the public keys in your browser to check authenticity, and the CA (Certificate Authority) has the private keys to sign certificates with, which are sent to your browser by the website. I'll be honest, the math they use utterly baffles me, but it's damned impressive. And no, you can't derive the private keys from the public keys :)
  4. Why "MUST" there be a fastboot command to unlock the bootloader? The bootloader for the San Diego is locked, and it's staying that way. It's very secure and has been done like that through design. I highly doubt there is a simple fastboot command to unlock it. A developer version of the phone (if such a thing exists) would probably have a unlocked bootloader... maybe. Unless someone finds a security exploit, the bootloader is staying locked forever. I don't think anyone is working on an exploit. No. No. The underlying Android OS has little to do with the bootloader being locked. You could be running 1.5, and the bootloader will be still locked. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but this has been talked about to death. Bootloader is locked and staying that way, and that's not going to change. No way, no how.
  5. To give some perspective here (and for the record, I am FULLY in sympathy for you here, you've clearly not done anything wrong), but for some reason I feel like playing devils advocate: I work in retail (not for Orange/EE), and we sell mobile phones, amongst other things. About 90% of the returns we get are due to idiots dropping or otherwise abusing devices. If we take these back and swap them, when we go back to the manufacturer to get credit, they (rightly so), tell us to get stuffed. So we loose money buying the original phone, then again on the replacement, and have actually made a loss due to the customer being dishonest and breaking their own phone. So now we repair before we replace. And yeah, about 90% of those phones don't get repaired due to the customer abusing the item. Things we've had: Phones dropped in water - "It just didn't turn on!" I could still see water under the screen. Repair agent agreed with me. We once had a camera who's lens was stick... Customer actually got sand in the lens, told me at the time that it had been in a drawer for the past six months and "only been used at home for baby pictures". Customer then argued that a DSLR "should withstand a bit of sand on a beach", "that's funny sir, I thought you said you only used it at home?" Once watched a customer plug the micro-USB charger in the WRONG WAY, no idea how she did it. She insisted she did nothing wrong and demanded I replace the phone there and then. Common sense about looking at the shape of what you plug in obviously didn't work for her. My favourite: "It won't get past the Android logo!"... Press and hold volume-down when starting... I see ClockworkMod recovery. Well I guess someone screwed up a custom ROM flash and decided that we were liable. I did educate on that one, saying that if the customer got to recovery, they will be able to save the phone. Warranty was void tho, even for hardware problems. This is a tiny amount of the crap we have to deal with on a daily basis. If we still replaced every device we had back, we'd be out of business by now. We do 'replace on the spot' some items which we can clearly tell are duds. So yeah, I'm fully sympathetic, I really am, you're clearly one of the 10% that got a dud, and the experience for you had been ruiend by the other 90% of dishonest idiots that are out there, because I'm sure those Orange staff have had similar experiences, and they don't like giving away the company's money for no reason. I can't say I blame Orange/EE for changing the policy, was probably costing them a fortune. I also can't say I agree with the poor service you got, either.
  6. I don't know why you are saying that. Battery life on the N4 is *significantly* better than it ever was on the OSD for me. Naturally I'm using pretty much the same apps on both.
  7. Hi, I've ended up getting two QI Chargers this week. I only ordered the car version, but actually got the car version, and the desktop version. Dunno why, maybe I ordered wrong, but whatever... The charger is here: Car version: http://owlpad.net/carpad-for-nexus-4/ Desktop version: http://owlpad.net/owlpad-for-nexus-4-n-qi/ Initial impressions are good. Both the car charger and the desktop charger did indeed charge the phone. The car charger struggled on the *very short* journey I did yesterday (6 minutes!), phone was 96% charged, and the car charger said it was fully charged in about a minute, the phone stayed at 96% however, so who knows. But that's good enough for satnavving, if it holds the charge long enough. I shall be testing it this afternoon when I go for a much longer drive. I've mounted the car charger onto a 17mm mount, in turn mounted to brodit mount in the car. It's all a little bit more bulky than I would like, but looks nice and keeps things away from the screen, which is what I want. Oddly, the car charger comes with a raiser, to move the phone off the QI coil a little bit. Moon (the man who made this), says it's to prevent heat build up with charging the phone and using satnav at the same time. I shall try it both with and without the mount and see how I get on. Heat build up and the phone/unit ceasing to charge when it's getting too hot have been a major problem during the development of this product. The car environment only makes it worse, with sunlight hitting the device and high temperatures (or no air-conditioning) causing issues (I did experience this more than once with my old Orange San Diego with regular wired charging). The desktop charger worked fine. Woke up this morning to 100% charge, but oddly the phone said it had only been off the charger for 26 minutes when I took it off the QI charger, so maybe it had charged, discharged a bit and then charged again? I don't know. I use a app in the background to help me sleep, so this might have something do with it. I've heard awful things about this charger crapping out at 60-80%, so I guess time will tell on that one, but initial impressions are good. So be honest, even if it charges in chunks and stop/starts overnight, I think I'll probably be okay with that. I've only used both items once so far. Will report back later if anyone is interested in hearing more?
  8. Good morning, Just wondering, is anyone on here as fed up as I was regarding the general bullshit about this phone? Specifically, the nonsense from Orange saying there being no information on the ICS update, then the ICS update coming out two days later? Or Xolo saying on Twitter that the ICS update will be out soon, with "JB to follow", then the CEO of Xolo saying there are no plans for JB a couple of months later? Or the occasional posts on here from a "good source" that JB is coming out in "X month!"... And it never happens. Like most of you, I brought this phone with my eyes wide open. There was bloatware, there was a locked bootloader, there was a no root (at the time), and ICS was probably the only update we'd get. But I didn't realise how all those little things added up, and how annoyed I would be overall. So I must confess, I jumped ship about two weeks ago, to a Nexus 4. And I can tell you, it is so so nice to just have the updates without all the BS around it. It's so so nice to have the option of root whenever I want it, and it's really nice to have an unlockable bootloader. Oddly, for the first time since owning Android devices, I've had no urge what-so-ever (well, maybe a little!) to root or unlock the bootloader. But I know I can, if I want to. I sold the OSD for £120 on eBay. Not terrible, £80 loss for a phone for about 6 months. No great either. When my contract with Orange ends (March 5th!), I will be getting that PAC code and jumping to Ovivo. If Ovivo are useless, I'll jump to somewhere else (possibly Virgin or GiffGaff). It's extremely nice to have the choice. A choice that costs another £20 on the OSD... I must admit, this will be the last time I buy a carrier-branded phone. Once I got the Nexus 4, I really saw Android how it is supposed to be, and it really is much nicer over here!
  9. dec1153, is that you? Seems like you; Another completely unsubstantiated claim with no evidence put forward what-so-ever, and yet posted as pure fact, complete with too many exclamation marks and pointless smilies... Oh dear boy, I really hope it's not you... It's not even funny anymore... If it's not you; I do apologise, but please check your facts and provide evidence next time you make such claims. You're getting people's hopes up for no reason.
  10. Just to drive the point home... My Internet quota has reset today, so it's back on. Just tested gps, noted some 3g traffic as it locked, got the lock in about 20 seconds, and I'm indoors.
  11. Look up assisted gps... I've used up my data quota this month, so my mobile data is off. Tried to get gps whilst driving the other day and it simply never got a lock. Girlfriend tried all the gps enabled apps I had installed (Including one I wrote), still no lock. Went to a local weatherspoons when I eventually got home, signed into their free wifi, got a signal within *seconds*, despite being indoors , walked outside, solid signal, no worries, even after loosing wifi signal. So yeah, assisted gps seems to be a requirement for me at least...
  12. Careful, you now have a single core 600mhz phone... There's power saving, and there's suffering for no good reason! Leave the minimum speed at 600mhz, but turn back on hyper-threading and change to the ondemand governor. Don't use the performance governor, as this will cause your CPU to run at full speed the whole time. Hyper-threading would actually save power in theory (at least it does in my head, as hyper-threading just uses the CPU more effectively, so in theory, it should "do the job that needs doing" much quicker and go back to deep sleep quicker). So leave that on. CPU Tuner https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ch.amana.android.cputuner is a nice app to manage the speed of your CPU. Can slow it down when you're low on battery or it's running hot etc. Lots of fine-grained control, but you have to spend time with it to get the best out of it. Using it with JuiceDefender can really help (JuiceDefender has an option to manage CPU speed, but warned me that it needed to install AOSP helper, which isn't supported and "may brick" my device, I was too much of a coward to try!) Of course, the best thing you can do is make sure that apps are not misbehaving. I recently found tweetcaster pro was checking my twitter feed every ten minutes! Didn't show in the battery stats oddly, but obviously it powered up the radio every time it did this, somewhat hurting my battery and causing "mobile standby" usage to be a bit high... Best of luck.
  13. Just like the ICS update... right on time!
  14. *ahem* http://www.amazon.co.uk/Emartbuy%C2%AE-Compatible-Desktop-Docking-Station/dp/B008FQ0JL6/ref=sr_1_1?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1354304797&sr=1-1
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