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  1. I just want a simple - Yes/No answer.... mind you, you're barbaric, you're Irish.
  2. What is difference with CMW and this? is it better to have this?
  3. Gov_87

    G300 won't load

    I installed 4.2.2 jb cm 10.2, i followed all the instructions 100%, and all other instructions like rooting recovery etc. Then when i try and reboot from the recovery mode, the Huawei Ascend splash screen displays.. but doesn't load to the home screen. What shall i do next? Update* thanks for all your replies, I just installed a different custom rom, one of the nightly builds was corrupt. Should be removed asap from the site. Or others will suffer.
  4. What is difference of this and - 10.1 (4.2.2) jb? i just installed this you see. Is it worth getting 4.3 instead?
  5. sorry, but what is TWERP? i'm a oob and is it nessasary? I just installed 4.2.2 jb cm
  6. fine... i'll install an Atari cartridge! and film it with a potato..
  7. So what am i best to use? im on ICS / G300 Stock
  8. Whats the difference in this 10.1 release and the other 10.2 version? which one is better? i'm confused...
  9. I'm on ICS - international stock release via huawei website. Shall I upgrade to this 4.1.2? what will my handset gain from upgrading? faster? less bugs? better app performance? tell me. Or is it better to wait for a more stable release.
  10. sorry to be so n00bish... but how far has development come with this? last time i was here was 2/3 months ago. Can somebody give me a rough idea what has happened. I cba trawling through all these posts :) i have a G300 readyto be upgraded to this!
  11. Thanks for all those replys, I've decided I want this Jelly Bean on my G300! Just a quick question.. I'm on ICS 4.0.3, basband 2030, build C00B934. Am I good to go? Or shall I wait for further enhancements to this CM10? I'm in no rush.. I that helps.
  12. Is this illegal? Putting JB on a G300.. Because why don't huawei just upgrade us all who own G300's to JB? Must be illegal.
  13. I see davidoff, I think nfc has gone now becz I inslalled U8815. @ dazzozo lol yeah its so bad its good :) btw has ICS officially come to huawei G300? Can't find an update in settings, online upgrade..
  14. Why do the Chinese ship a 1,350 mah battery, whilst the western variant (U8815) have a 1,500 mah version? My G300 was shipped from Shenzhen china, and it came with 1,350. It charges & seems to be working just fine.. Just wondering if you modaco members have any idea why. I changed my U8818 model to U8815, all is well so is the battery & I'm worried uni buy a 1,500 mah will it explode if I insert it into the G300 in the near future lol. (side note, all the internal hardware is same as European G300) Oh one last thing, they gave me a 4gb memory card with 52 pre-loaded Chinese songs lol & Carly Rae Jepsen - Call me Maybe WT-F :)
  15. Thanks! I Successfully installed Stock Rom (U8815) In the above tutorial over my Chinese Rom (U8818) very happy! thanks you MoDaCo & Diehard & all people associated with the guide.

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