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  1. I'm I the only one who gets the sd card corrupted from time to time with this rom? I've used a 8gb card since I have the zte blade with no problems at all, but with this rom I was constantly getting the sd card corrupted, after that I tryed using the brand new 2gb sd card that came with the phone, even that one got corrupted within a week... If I put it on a card reader It works fine, while in the phone it says "corrupted"... I dont get it... guess that i'm going back to eco cm7
  2. Yes, in deep sleep with your eco rom cm7 the led stays on... In this one it turns off... So I dont know when I have a new sms without turning the screen on (even if I have an sms, the led stays turned off, it only flashes while the screen is on... after that it turns of)
  3. Thanks! ;) Those were the icons I was looking for With the leds, I noticed that when I receive a sms and the screen turns on, the leds flashes red... but when the screen goes to sleep, the led stops flashing too... Dunno if this happens only with me =\
  4. Hi! Excelente work with this rom ;) But I can't find a way to add some more icons to the power bar... like turn on/off mobile data... and, its just me or the red led dont turns on when I receive a message?
  5. thanks! I've just added the battery style and instaled the zip file given by the kitchen... Now its perfect =) I want to give you a special thanks, because after more than 1 year searching for a solution... Now I finaly can receive mms! Thank you sir jventura
  6. This is a awesome rom! thanks =) But I just wanted to add one thing... The circle battery mod I had it on the swedish snow, but how can I add it too in this rom?
  7. I never saw any configuration about mobile data =\ I've tested this issue on other rom's and it kept happening... My girlfriend's zte blade suffers from the same "bug" and she's using stock rom, can this be some problem with the phone itself?
  8. Hello! I'm using Swedish Snow RLS7 Android 2.3.5, and if I keep the screen turned on I receive mms perfectly, but if the phone goes into sleep mode it stops receiving them... With sms or calls there is no problem at all, only the mms dont work with the screen turned off. I've already used a lot of roms (just kept swedish snow because I think that is the moust stable) and this happens with every single one of them. Does anyone knows were is the problem? =\ (sorry for my english)
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