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  1. For £100 you can possibly find something but for a decent dual SIM phone I'd recommend spending a bit more. I recently searched for a new dual SIM phone (having dropped my Jiayu G2 and smashed the glass) and settled on the Acer E2 Duo. You might be able to find the Jiayu G2 around your preferred price but the Acer E2 is a really nice phone and I'd recommend it if you don't mind spending a bit more (try Amazon France for good deals). For the G2 try Aliexpress.
  2. Quite simply, I can't afford an i-Phone and I'm very happy with my Android - it does everything I expect of it. My only experience of iOS is my Daughter's iPod touch - a 'jumped-up' music player that cost significantly more than my very acceptable phone. i-Stuff is well designed and made but the prices.... eeesh!
  3. OTA update received today, 'Andriod is upgrading' right now. Now running 4.2.2 :)
  4. Here's a link (with another link...) http://community.ace...-p/109497#M1267 Here too: https://www.facebook...07191210&type=1 You also have a problem with Auto brightness? - I was wondering if it was just mine (brightness varies a LOT) - not a big issue for me but would be nice if it could be fixed.
  5. http://community.acer.com/t5/Smartphones/Acer-Liquid-E2-app-on-sd/td-p/97641/page/2
  6. Just to reply to the above post for reference. G2H (dual core, 1GB), updated successfully to 4.1.2 G2H-20130118-115623
  7. Thanks for clarifying about the storage. I guess when '3' start selling it (single SIM version I assume) then we can expect to see accessories appear.
  8. I am looking at the 'Storage' option in the settings menu right now - At the top it says 'Preferred install location...', 'Default Write Disk' and the choice is 'Phone Storage' or 'SD card', I have 'SD card' selected (though I only selected this after installing most of my usual apps), further down the same page is a section labeled 'SD Card' showing 'Total space 7.48GB' (I have an 8GB card installed). Are you saying it isn't really going to use the SD card to install? Very misleading if it isn't really installing to the (external) SD card. Still on day 1 but really liking this phone though.
  9. For a quality MTK phone you could do worse than this one: http://www.modaco.co...-for-under-180/This one seems to have quite decent GPS too. :)
  10. Just got mine (from Amazon.fr) to replace my JuayuG2 whose glass screen (outer) smashed when dropped on one corner :( Price now dropped a little (since I ordered) :angry: Really nice phone - immediately did OTA update and it looks to me like I can install apps on the SD card - Build is Acer_AV061_V370_1.018.00_WW_GEN1
  11. Just going by the G300 section of these forums, CWM is better supported and more widely used, I'd go with that.
  12. That's a lot better than my TomTom! Have you enabled 'GPS EPO assistance'? (and 'A-GPS'?). Certainly helps my G2 get a quick fix (even works indoors sometimes when the TomTom totally fails).?
  13. Hi putbinoot, did you try the LeWa recover yet? Solved my 'android on arse' issue on G2, no reason to suspect it wouldn't work just the same for the G3 (apart from your phone looking nicer :P the innards are very similar). If nothing else, I have a fully rooted phone with a working recovery (first thing I did after getting it working was to do a backup to SD).
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