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    Huawei G300 JB 4.3 CM10.2
  1. Hi ppl I'm in CWM and CM10.2 20131117 It's correct if i do a recovery backup > install CWM 6.0.4 r7 > recovery restore backup ??? I don't understand if the ext4 format it's done in the cwm instalation or we have to do format... :blink: Thanks
  2. Thanks Valicek1 !!!! :rolleyes:
  3. Mine: SJS00M Date:05/2012 From Vodafone UK PYG Amazon.co.uk (to Spain)
  4. Thanks. Now read and understood. I had miss this part...
  5. I can't see the latest builds in getcm... Last I can see is 20131019 and after that one I only see for other ZTE/Huawei devices Does it correct or I have to search for it in other places???
  6. Confirmed 1500mAh ref:HB5N1H 3.7V 5.6Wh
  7. Mine is a Vodafone UK "pay as you go" unit bought at Amazon.co.uk I was buy another battery but I'm near sure that it's 1500mAh too. I will confirm as I arrive at home tonight.
  8. Could anyone confirm if than consumption of battery is the "expected" for this version? (20130923) Thanks
  9. First, thanks to Dazzozo and all the community who made possible to port cm10.2 to our little G300 Second, I'm in 20130923 and after the change of voice synth to tts all is running fine. The only "problem" I see is battery life. The question is if anyone can tell me the basic tweaks I can do to minor this problem? Thanks
  10. Finally I downloaded the 20130805 nightly and I put in \cmupdater in the sdcard. When I go to search for updates it apears like "downloaded" and I updated like an other OTA. I'm not sure if it's a correct/wrong way to do, by the moment it seems to work... Must wait till tomorrow to know if it can see the new nightly updates.
  11. I'm afraid I doesn't undertand well (lost in translation): If I'm in 20130728, I can't find OTA update directly from the phone and I have to do a clean intall of a new nightly (e.20130805) with all wipes?
  12. In call? It's a different volume than the ringtone

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