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  1. http://www.4shared.com/zip/fqCcheBl/lewa_recovery.html
  2. Great news this between us tillaz currently the scene of this phone is almost dead I hope they send you your unlock code as soon as possible greetings from HTCMania
  3. Usted debe flashear de nuevo la baseband europea no necesita update.app de nuevo que bien se os da copiar y autopublicar en este foro ios a tomar viento
  4. Sorry to disappoint but if anyone of us is capable of compiling a functional version will include our device cmd never officially greetings to all
  5. Another question but it works well hsdpa 3g or 2g only tend Connection thanks
  6. Hello but can you disconnect calls? You are with the European baseband? a greeting
  7. Hola compañeros la V1 es por que lewa saco una nueva version 13.06.14 saludos
  8. I think GB is not well optimized for G300 by Huawei, ICS will not be either, I come from a desire-s and that if optimization by HTC
  9. Poer stability ram battery consumption etc until a stable and functional ICS
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