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  1. In the last few nightlies, my contact list keeps disappearing and I have to import it all over again. This happens at least 4-5 times a day. Is it just me?
  2. This one is working just fine:) Thanks!
  3. Hm, tried but still not working.
  4. Can't flash this, I get a status 7 error. I tried downloading it 4 times and always the same. Does anyone have a link to an earlier build, preferably "cm-9-20130823-NIGHTLY-u8815"? Btw, I'm on CWM, could this be the problem? Thanks
  5. I think there's a problem with the gapps link. It took me several tries to start the download and the "speed" is about 2kb/s :) Thanks for your modified gapps, saved me from a lot of headache.
  6. Everything works great except widgets don't refresh at all. Clock, weather, calendar, gmail, flipboard...they work for a little while and than just stop refreshing and all I can do is reboot the phone.:(
  7. I'm using it with the kernel fix and play store is working fine, search and all...try reinstalling. Also, USB mass storage is working without a problem...
  8. Second upload installed fine but unfortunately the rom has the infamous "in call volume too high" problem, just like CM based roms.
  9. I tried that already but didn't get Advanced option. Tried it again after reboot but still nothing. Never mind, it's working fine anyway. Just need to try the incall volume, hope it's working fine.
  10. What app are you using? With No Frills everything goes back to default after reboot and I couldn't find any built-in app for oc. By the way, I had no problem with the installation, it's working for me. I'm on CWM, if that's any help.
  11. Like I said, stupid question :D Thanks
  12. Most probably a stupid question but how do you even start using this rom? :unsure: Right from the start it's asking for a "Xiaomi account" and there's no way to skip that step and I can't even create one cause there's no keyboard installed.
  13. I thought I did, guess too much beer last night :D All good now, thanks guys
  14. Hm, I can't get ADB to work. Everything was updated via the SDK manager but nothing happens when I connect the phone to the PC.

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