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  1. I know i should read , but i've been away , and i wanted to know if this last version is doing even greater than the others and if electra is out there already ? Thanks !! :)
  2. What email app are you using ? any good suggestions ? :) Thanks !!
  3. I have a small question : for link2sd to work, which default storage should i have ? internal or sd card ?
  4. Thanks tillaz ! I am wiping things and getting ready for a clean install :)
  5. I'm sorry for asking this question , probably millions have asked it before me , but .... how is this rom ? is it stable ? any app crashing ? how is in call volume ? Does cyda's mod work ? :) Thanks m8s , cheers !!
  6. I think it's the other way around : if you overclock, it might get more unstable ... i'm not sure though, wild guess !
  7. Kyan, i'm getting lot of app crashes lately ... i have it overclocked @ 1152, and done full wipes multiple times before flashing it nice and clean ... i tried cydas mod as i said a few posts ago and i could only get errors, now, i get a lot of apps crashing ... i do see that i only have like 200 mb of storage left, maybe its a reason for the crashes , i don't know . I have internal storage set to default and it says that i'm actually using XXX MB of the 2gb internal memory, without cyda's mod ... I think i'll do an update.app and stick with a stock rom for now... college is killing me and i need a stable phone.. wish i was on vacations so i could mess around with it :( Inspite everything, i think this is the best rom out there, regarding everything ! keep up the good work, and i'm really eager to see electra !! :) PS: can anyone get mozzila's firefox working ? i open it and then it just gets stuck on a loop...
  8. The thing is i can't take any picture, because it says i have no memory, at all !! so, i can't save pics... It says something like : sdcard not found or not inserted , mount sd card ...
  9. Kyan, i think it's "official" ... i cant get link2sd to work... it always says something about the sd card ... :s I've flashed the update, and it seemed super cool ! the boot the recovery works, and the toggles are great !!! really, nice job to everyone who helped ! :)
  10. @ Kyan, next release will be a mod or a new version of the rom ? i wanted to do a clean install, i feel the phone dragging itself, and wanted to know if there's any new version coming soon , or if i should just do it now and then flash the mod :) Thanks and keep up the great work !!
  11. I mean, it worked just fine , but I had that SD card issue... my question was: will I get the issue again, but I might just try again :)
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