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  1. Ok,thx for trying ;-),if it can't go thru cwm then is no good for now...but porting would be nice :-)
  2. Think it's for one sim 99% sure,no one is pointing it's for dual,but then again it needs to be tasted,maybe we are on to something good..
  3. Sick of no new news for grand x so i start looking for something and find this rom and other stuff,someone willing to try? (maybe KonstaT..) http://iballandi45h....y-bean-411.html
  4. Yes that's why am still on hold for PJ2,hope it will be resolved...until then am on this rom ;)
  5. "There's nothing to be updated. No new features. Basically, ICS is dead already." :( Ok,life must go on :) ,s2e on PJ2 100%? that's only what i need :D
  6. C3C0 will you pls do update on this rom,from all the rom's this one is most stable and lagfree and (best) have s2e 100% ( i tested ParanoidJelly2,and this one is better..)
  7. Will try that..but strange thing is when i go to google play to download my device is not recognizable :wacko:
  8. Been using this rom for days now,and i must say its very very good :),keep up the great work with updates and cheers mate ;)
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