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  1. Hi, sorry but i do not support this ROM any more. This was the last version from me. Try a ROM with Android 4.2.2 from Dazzozo. It is very Stable. http://www.modaco.com/topic/360515-jb-422-cyanogenmod-101-rom-weekly-builds-available/
  2. hey thanks for your trick. It works great. Now my default storage is sdcard0:) do you know how can i change that the system sees /sdcard/sdcard1 as /sdcard/sdcard0. in root you have /sdcard and /storage. I want to have that when i go to /sdcard than it shows a content from my external card.
  3. can anybody fix a voice recorder?
  4. is anybody have problems with App Voice Recorder too?
  5. i make now a little update for new version of my custom ROM. Please read install instruction and follow it step by step. I have tested this ROM my self on my g300 and works so far without any problems. best regards
  6. it is really strange because i use this rom and i don't have any problems with it
  7. i will take a look a lockscreen app. It could be change of course but not today, I will make some updates in this week. The ROM should be stable. If you have reboots try to wipe data, cache and install again.
  8. marcars


    New MariDroi M6 is out:)
  9. ok sorry my mistake. I was thinking something else
  10. you mean has "too" graphic... MfG :)
  11. marcars

    [DEV] Ubuntu Touch [ROM]

    wow i can not believe it! Ubuntu Touch on G300! you are impossible!
  12. hi Dazz! Thanks for new ROM i will donate your account for that:) Can you improve multi touch for games like Rayman and Shadowgun? Ivan from Shenu have did it. Perhaps you can did it too?

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