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  1. Hi, sorry but i do not support this ROM any more. This was the last version from me. Try a ROM with Android 4.2.2 from Dazzozo. It is very Stable. http://www.modaco.com/topic/360515-jb-422-cyanogenmod-101-rom-weekly-builds-available/
  2. hey thanks for your trick. It works great. Now my default storage is sdcard0:) do you know how can i change that the system sees /sdcard/sdcard1 as /sdcard/sdcard0. in root you have /sdcard and /storage. I want to have that when i go to /sdcard than it shows a content from my external card.
  3. is anybody have problems with App Voice Recorder too?
  4. i make now a little update for new version of my custom ROM. Please read install instruction and follow it step by step. I have tested this ROM my self on my g300 and works so far without any problems. best regards
  5. it is really strange because i use this rom and i don't have any problems with it
  6. i will take a look a lockscreen app. It could be change of course but not today, I will make some updates in this week. The ROM should be stable. If you have reboots try to wipe data, cache and install again.
  7. ok sorry my mistake. I was thinking something else
  8. wow i can not believe it! Ubuntu Touch on G300! you are impossible!
  9. hi Dazz! Thanks for new ROM i will donate your account for that:) Can you improve multi touch for games like Rayman and Shadowgun? Ivan from Shenu have did it. Perhaps you can did it too?
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