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  1. Okay... Any chance to fix it? Then I will go back to cm10.1.1 where everything is fine.
  2. In my opinion tilals ColdFusionX 3 androidarmv6 (cm10.1) is the snappiest 4.2 rom for the skate. Even slimbean becomes laggy after a time of use. Has anybody tried CFX3 and got same experiences?
  3. Hey guys, has anybody already tried if the jenkins nightly builds are as stable as this one?
  4. @Mohamed Are your fixes to this rom also included in latest jenkins androidarmv6 nightly builds?
  5. Perhaps the proximity sensor fixes from CEC0s CM7.2 thread could help? http://www.modaco.com/topic/354463-romzte-skate-cyanogenmod-720-stable-android-237-311012/#entry1958966
  6. Hey! I use this rom for months now, but since two weeks i have a problem updating some (not all) apps, it says that there is not enough space left but there's over 300MB left, i use C3C0s int2ext-script. Has anybody a solution?
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