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  1. If an app is installed in /system, will it still update via playstore?
  2. If I make some space and move a play store app to /system, will it update with the play store?
  3. I think he meant he installed this ROM and Gapps from this thread having come from CM7, not that he installed this ROM with the Gapps from CM7. Anyhow checking partition sizes is a shout, other than that maybe try redownloading the .zips from this thread, could be a bad download?
  4. I had this the first time I tried to install, but a reboot worked for me and now Swiftkey is working perfectly. I don't think it's a problem with the ROM so if a reboot doesn't work maybe reinstall Swiftkey from the play store?
  5. I was helpful - install BBS and check for wakelocks. Also disable google backup (it drains a lot), enable auto backlight, disable touch sounds.
  6. Really? This build has the best battery life of any ROM so far for me. Check for wakelocks.
  7. Thumbs up for that. I would highly recommend CronMod to anyone - it works perfectly, is a hundred times simpler than S2E or Link2SD and involves no app installation. Might be placebo but I think it's faster too.
  8. If I was to move an app to /system, would I then still be able to update it through google play?
  9. That's a good idea - I don't need half of the languages anyway. Thanks :).
  10. Did you have to delete anything else from the ROM or does it still fit in /160mb system?
  11. S2E isn't worth the hassle on cm10.1 IMO, use CronMod-INT2EXT+ script instead; it's better anyway. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1716124
  12. Mine usually works fine if I turn on bluetooth then reboot with it left on.
  13. I successfully partitioned a 1gb ext-3 partition using this recovery, but I would agree with elrond_bs - using MiniTool would be much better. FYI you don't need a card reader to use MiniTool either, you can boot into recovery and select mount as usb drive and use your phone as the card reader. MiniTool can partition ext-4 as well which CWM can't.
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