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  1. There are two update files on the Huawei site - one for B926 and the other B934. I heard it's best to update to B926 as B934 changes the HSPA or something? The two updates in question: http://www.huaweidev...softid=NDY1MTg= http://www.huaweidev...softid=NDE4NjY= Which one should I install before I install ClockworkMod Recovery and a custom ROM? Is it safe to go straight to B934 from the Huawei site and then to a custom ROM?
  2. starfloss

    Flashing ROM without SD card?

    Alright, thanks guys.
  3. starfloss

    Flashing ROM without SD card?

    I was able to flash the official ROM with my internal card. Is there any way at all I can flash with the internal for custom ROMs?. Did anyone get an sdcard included with their phone?
  4. Did everyone get an included sd card with their G300? Mine came without an sd card, is this normal? Also, is there a way to flash a ROM with the internal storage? The zip files are not showing in ClockworkMod for me.
  5. So is this a problem with the stock firmware in general? I'm even using the latest one.
  6. I've flashed the stock TPT straight from the ZTE website, however the problem still persists. My phone's screen occasionally becomes unresponsive when trying to wake it up. Putting it to sleep and then waking it up again fixes the problem, but it's annoying that I have to do this nearly every time and wastes a few seconds. I've tried a few custom ROMs and I unlocked the phone using the whole "qcn method" when I first got it, however as stated before I'm now running a 100% stock Orange firmware/ROM. Any idea on how I can fix this problem? I did a quick search but couldn't find any related posts or threads.

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