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  1. Hi I've just tried the downgrade method and now my phone is stuck on the huawei logo and won't start up I was on lightening rom hope someone can help
  2. try clearing all the cache's dalvik etc & then restarting it
  3. same here plus I also have super user installed but there is no icon for that as well
  4. I like the themes idea but how do you go back to the blue theme?
  5. just save them to the sim card that way they're always there
  6. my phone says Edge:2 & I'm on Infusion B944 I updated from B926 to the S3 rom to Infusion & I'm on Ovivo (Vodafone) so why's the mobile Internet slower then everyone else's?
  7. yes that will have been the issue the dfs tool only seems to work when your imei is 0 when your imei is different then you need to update your rom put another stock rom on and then your imei will be 0 and then the dfs tool will work that's how I did mine
  8. glad you got there tomcat_ about the toggles I don't have them either
  9. I'm having problems rooting now everything goes through ok my computer sends the files & it says okay but I when I restart the phone the SU icon does not appear so I cannot backup my imei how annoying full date wipe sorted it now
  10. ok tomcat_ this is what I did.. I was on stock gb rom I then used the imei changing tool & it changed to something different not 0 then I put a different gb rom on and checked my imei and now it was 0 so for the dfs tool to work I reckon the imei has to be 0 this is the only thing different from all the other 100's of tries I did so then I ran the dfs tool and put my real imei in & followed through the rest as normal I still got the doffline failure message but just ignore it & after i restarted my phone & checked my imei it is now my real one hope this helps you & anyone else stuck also you must remember to restart your phone after every stage let us know how you get on
  11. it's ok chisco followed what I think you said and I think it's worked will check tomorrow off out now thanks to everyone for all your help :)
  12. chisco could you explain what you mean do a full stock update from what to what exactly..? I'm already on a stock gb rom.
  13. yeah same here but this is driving me loopy now so anybody know what the solution is?
  14. tried again now mine says the same as offline D failed
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