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  1. Sometimes after a call, the mobile reboots itself. Does anyone else expirienced the same issue?
  2. Thank you!!!! Your proximity sensor is working? I can't make me working.....
  3. TPT helper is not working right now. At least for mi.
  4. At the endy I get it. TPT helper is not working for me also. But you can download this file wich is tpt 240 And the only way to me to install 4.4.3 was installing 4.4.2 first and then upgrade from there.
  5. Theres is no way to me to install gapps I belive that I tried everthing at least I flashed this room 10 times :)
  6. I have the same issue. I live in spain. Did you found any solution? Custom Room worked?
  7. When I try to use GPS it stocks in "Searching for GPS" all the time. Someone have the same problem?
  8. I can't make voice input to work. Does anyone achieve it? I also expirience some random reboot. Then mobil ask me for the SIM PIN Does someone expired the same? Thank you I installed the pa_skate-1.6a-28OCT2012-001254.zip file
  9. Thank you for you work!!!!! Its fun to have diferent layout. I just want to make icons on desktop a little bigger and I just can :)
  10. I just installed the last nightly and crashes continius. Anyway thank you for your job tilla!!!
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