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  1. My PlayMarket fails to start after I flashed 2013-03-24. Did anyone face the same?
  2. I'm running 27/9 version and trying to tether via WiFi using external app (WiFi tether 4 root users - as recommended in the head post). The app starts, but says that it has errors. The log displays only the first step (Loading WiFi driver) to be 'done'. The following steps are marked 'Failed': Activating WiFi int, Setting AdHoc mode, Setting essid, Setting channel, Activating encrypt., Enabling NAT rules. So the tethering fails. What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance!
  3. Damn! What am I doing wrong? What I did: 1. Wipe cache partition 2. Wipe dalvik-cache 3. Install CM10 from zip 4. Install gapps from zip I did not wipe sdcard/data After boot the phone says that application Clock caused an error. And when I try to set alarms the message is the same!
  4. I've wiped dalvik cache via Clockwork Recovery. The phone optimized it's applications again, booted and the problem remains. The alarm setting causes clock application stop. What's up? I've upgraded from CM 7.2 with no repartitioning.
  5. Got 2012-08-09 installed and facing troubles with clock application. When I try to modify alarms, clock application crashes and gives me no access to the alarm to set. Can anyone check the symptoms? Thanks!
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