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  1. Hi H3ROS. You've solved the problem of you battery?? And... also: How much time remains?? :blink:
  2. Oh my god!!!!! This is a good news!! Thanks for you work. I'm waiting for this change in appareance with a great emotion :DD. Sorry for my bad english :(
  3. Hi C3C0, I've a question. In the Galaxy Ace it's working the LED's Flash. So... if you do it... you can work the LED of the Skate? Or I'm wrong?
  4. Anymore cant tell me of this drivers???
  5. I found this request has been cast www.charge.org effective. This request asked for Qualcomm for liberate the drivers for the phones whit ArmV6 chipsets whit Adreno 2XX. This drivers is for ICS. http://www.groubal.c...ivers-released/
  6. Hi. I've a question... why s2e no working in this fantastic ROM? It's based in Cyano 9
  7. Hi. I installed the Paranoid Android now, but i've a problem.... i can not set the S2E... the options of it is in grey. Why I can't set it? Sorry for my poor English.
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