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    ZTE V-852 & ZTE Skate
  1. Divinetoaura

    [ROM] MIUI PatchRom RC2

    how to restore contacts and calls to avoid force close
  2. CUSROM WORK AND WORK BOOT EXCEPT Wifi> NOT WORK Hardware acceleration> NOT WORK Screen on / off animation> NOT WORK Rotation animation> NOT WORK Accelerometer-compass> NOT WORK
  3. This is a stock rom zte ori freddo http://www.mediafire...7hl78ttijqlu4c4 flash through cwm n restore config.gz original freddo here http://www.4shared.com/archive/UAW-WqDP/config.html
  4. What no proprietary file for zte carl / freddo? I've been building CM7 on freedo but the problem is still the kernel will not boot
  5. how to create a proprietary file from my phone and uploaded on github
  6. yes it may be very difficult to try to compile CM7 for my phone but for this problem I will try porting the kernel from boot.img freddo me and break it down to take the kernel from boot.img freddo. I will keep trying hehehehe and below is the community for a phone that I use https://www.facebook.com/groups/309945992434619/
  7. how to increase the phone's internal memory I am new here and wanted to share my experience yes here I want to share ways to increase the phone's internal memory and the result works well below is the result of my phone screemshoot IF YOU WANT CAN TAKE HERE http://www.4shared.com/zip/5rmZMReD/sukses.html NOTE:SD CARD CLASS 6-10 Nb: Never forget the backup because I am not responsible for what will happen next on your Device. DWYOR = "Do With Your Own Risk"
  8. oh ok if I could compile CM7 on my phone? ZTE V852 phone me sorry many questions hehehehe
  9. how to adb mode? if the phone is lit when debuging or fastboot mode vol-call-vol down power?
  10. whether this method works on windows xp?

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