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  1. how to restore contacts and calls to avoid force close
  2. CUSROM WORK AND WORK BOOT EXCEPT Wifi> NOT WORK Hardware acceleration> NOT WORK Screen on / off animation> NOT WORK Rotation animation> NOT WORK Accelerometer-compass> NOT WORK
  3. This is a stock rom zte ori freddo http://www.mediafire...7hl78ttijqlu4c4 flash through cwm n restore config.gz original freddo here http://www.4shared.com/archive/UAW-WqDP/config.html
  4. What no proprietary file for zte carl / freddo? I've been building CM7 on freedo but the problem is still the kernel will not boot
  5. yes it may be very difficult to try to compile CM7 for my phone but for this problem I will try porting the kernel from boot.img freddo me and break it down to take the kernel from boot.img freddo. I will keep trying hehehehe and below is the community for a phone that I use https://www.facebook.com/groups/309945992434619/
  6. how to increase the phone's internal memory I am new here and wanted to share my experience yes here I want to share ways to increase the phone's internal memory and the result works well below is the result of my phone screemshoot IF YOU WANT CAN TAKE HERE http://www.4shared.com/zip/5rmZMReD/sukses.html NOTE:SD CARD CLASS 6-10 Nb: Never forget the backup because I am not responsible for what will happen next on your Device. DWYOR = "Do With Your Own Risk"
  7. oh ok if I could compile CM7 on my phone? ZTE V852 phone me sorry many questions hehehehe
  8. how to adb mode? if the phone is lit when debuging or fastboot mode vol-call-vol down power?
  9. can anybody help me to make a custom rom for ZTE Freddo (U V852) My friend had uploaded system.img and boot.img and for the future I will upload zip can help me? here:http://www.4shared.com/zip/Loddy138/zte_freddo.html and here is no topic for ZTE Freddo (U V852) or use this phone? if there are topics you make up about ZTE Freddo (U V852) who knows among your friends or anyone who uses a lot of ZTE Freddo (U V852)
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