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  1. I have had multiple problems with the Alarm in CM10.1 and i really like the look of it, but for safety reasons i have a second alarm app installed (just a free one of the play store) as not all the time the alarm goes off or the app stops working very irritating. The other problem i have with Cm10.1 is that Google Drive causes some problems as well and I do not know why, will wait for the message to come up again and post it. All in all CM10.1 is very good and like it alot, One other thing worth mentioning, when yo-u enable the soft keys (ones on the screen) is there any way to adjust the UI so that it incorporates this rather than having all your widgets and icons inter-lap if that makes any sense. Thanks
  2. Hello, Thanks for the reply, and nope I have tried that I am afraid and it does nto work or it will work once or twice and stop again, Does anyone know why and how to fix this at all ?? Thanks
  3. Hi all, I installed this the other day and did all the wipes etc as needed and have installed only CM10.1 and the Google Apps as on the first page and every time i try to edit or create a new alarm it says clock has stopped. Does anyone know why it does this and is it a bug ?? Thanks
  4. Hello all, I have been rather busy lately with both educational and work based needs and have had very little time to do stuff, further to this I very stupidly deleted my collection of Android Stuff, (both on my Laptop and HDD) and so have very little left now, but I will be starting again soon and am re-collecting files right now so should not be long till I get the majority back. The good news is that I am currently working on my guide to be right up to date and more generically useful (working offline atm) and will be posting an updated version some time soon, Since this guide was last updated there have been many brilliant developments including JB 4.1.0 and 4.2.1 (CM10 and CM10.1) and many more cool new things, However rest assured I will be updating this soon and will be giving you all updates shortly, as for now the guide does still apply and the toolkits are most valid, however for JB 4.2.1 (CM10.1) DO NOT use my current JB toolkit as it is not meant for this version. I am currently running CWM Touch R4 ( with Jelly Bean 4.2.1 on CM10.1 and am really enjoying it. Thanks
  5. Hello all, I am currently running Jelly Bean (4.1 and 4.2.1 from CM10 and CM10.1) and was wondering is there a way to enable the virtual on screen buttons that you see on the bottom sometimes ?? EDIT: Does anyoen know why the follwoing happens and how it can be fixed. when making a backup to external SD in CWM it gets to the generating MD5 and then reboots, you try to restore and it says MD5 sum does not match (as it did not finish the backup) do you know how to make it stop rebooting, I am running CWM touch 6.X something ?? - Sorted upgraded from R2 to R4 (did not know there was even an update) Thanks in advance.
  6. Hmm, I'm having trouble resetting the IEMI to 0. I've followed the guide several times to (downgrading from ICS to GB) and its still showing the original IEMI. Any suggestions? What problems are you having, Are you rooted and ar eyou positive that the IEMI that is '0' is in both the Internal Memory and the SDCard ?? and that no other 5irom folders are present. This downgrade should be updated, without all this middle update app and restoring imei, alot off people are having problems with it. There is none of this needed, it is very confusing. The force downgrade is much easier no middle package and no imei hack, and only takes two minutes The link you posted uses the middle package, and as mentioned in that topic and others it does nto always work which is why the zero IEMI method is the most effective and is guarenteed to work. Unlike the middle package guide that you linked too. How do you do this pls? It is already on modaco look here http://www.modaco.co...8/#entry2011243 Credits go to tcpaulh Worth a try as it's less hassle but in some circumstances it will hang a third of the way through even with the middle file. If this happens then the zero imei method might be necessary. Yep this is because not all firmware works with this and it does not and will not always work. Already new about middle package which doesn't work. thought it was something i never heard about. You and me both. My huawei g300 is with build no B880. I was tried to upgrade its firmware by OTA method.When I finished download its update file, I was installed it. But it was not upgraded .Why? What I need to do it again? Can I upgrade my phone with as your guide. Can I upgrade its current firmware to B 926 firmware? Help me. ICS is not available via OTA in all countries keep checking the OTA updates as it comes in stages e.g UK is B885 > B892 > B995 the to ICS. Otherwise, Yes upgrade via my guide by all means I didn't use the middle package, just put b885 update app in the dfolder switched on holding vol +/- two minutes after i had gingerbread back on my phone CAREFUL!! I would nto reccomend doing that as you are going from one baseband to another and you can end up permanently bricking your phone. Be very careful. Hello! I have a question since I'm not so good on this things. If I update my Ascend G300, after I unlocked the network with a code (buyed from ebay), from GB to ICS it will remain network unlocked or I will need a new code for it? Your unlock will remain after you have upgarde and or downgraded. Hi, thanks for this well written guide . I just have few queries 1. Section 1 - To do OTA update from GB to ICS, do we need to have handset rooted (using section 0)? 2. Can I upgrade OTA method (section 1) and then root it with the method mentioned in Section 3 3. If i want to follow Section 2, to upgarde from GB to ICS firmware B936, then B936 instructions says '[b936] Download and extract the B895 firmware to somewhere memorable and copy the folder named "dload" But I dont see B895 firmware file avaiable on the link provided (http://g300.thebronasium.com/huawei/) I will really appreciate if you could reply to my queries Cheers ! 1. Nope, As this is the official way, Section 0 is a precautionary measure I would highly recommend anyone to do. Further to that not all countries have got ICS relased via the OTA update system yet. So you may end up just on the latest version of GB. 2. Yes you can. 3. Arghhh, Thanks for that I did not know about that. Will post alternative link later. Thanks Thanks for a guide, everything worked ok, but the problem began with the updating with vendor app. This is what I've done. 1 .Upgraded from b886 to b926 Chinese 2. Overwritten the file update.app in dload on sdcard, with Update.app from vendor folder of b926 rom - got Chinese letters, and managed to somehow change language... 3. rooted phone, unlocked bootloader and installer CWM using instructions from 1st post... 4. flashed to ICS b944 Repack, wiped cache, wiped factory reset, and didn't install any other file on the special list, wanted to see what the repack comes with originally 5. THE PROBLEM - when i boot the phone, chinese vendor applications still persists, don't wanna do anything without consulting with people here, also bootscreen of the Chinese operator remains... How to get rid of those vendor files? did i installed the rom right? They will all stay there permanently know until you flash a whole new firmware. Boot screen can be changed (See Original post). Apps can be removed by using Root App Uninstaller (Something like that) search on Google or the Play Store. There we go, I hope i answered everyones questions. Anything else then please ask. Wil be updating guide, toolkits etc over the next week including stuff like B944 and B895 etc. Sorry about the quotes it kept coming up saying I had used to many so I ended up removing half of them so that I could post it. Thanks alot.
  7. Hello all, Sorry I have not be able to reply for ages, as have been busy with work and other commitments. I will be answering all the questions and stuff very soon ( I intened to have it done by Friday evening) and will update the guide slightly more to include some new stuff. One quick point no you will not loose your unlock if you upgrade. ;) Will answer the rest soon. Thanks
  8. Well since you asked so nicely, Why not?? If you ask more nicely and not in CAPS and maybe with an explanation of the problem I will give it a go, but as far as i know there is no problem with wifi on B934 (on others there may be) and I am using it on my phone with no problems.
  9. Using the B926 baseband with B934 installed with all Huawei and Google Apps installed and the all important dictionary fix. Personally I think B934 is the best out of all the official firmwares available.
  10. You must be on the 2030 baseband and have CWM flashed before you attempt to install this, See instructions below on how to install. Versions: [b934: 23092012] --- [b936: Coming Soon] As I am sure most people are aware the official B934 and B936 ROM's came with many bugs and the most complained about one would probably be the dictionary bug, where all words are underlined in red and so a fix was made available for it shortly after but I thought I would have a go at getting the fix inbuilt in to the ROM and rebuilding the ROM to the way it should have been released. Further to that I have added a few other things that should have been included into the build as well. A full list of fixes and improvements has been included below. This is meant to be as close to the stock firmware as possible and is not meant to be a custom ROM. Please post your comments on how you get on with this ROM and what you think of it. Thanks [How to install] To install this ROM you need to be on the 2030 baseband and have CWM flashed, For more information on how to do that see the Frequently Asked Questions below. Download one of the ".zip" files and save it to your computer. Copy the ".zip" file from your computer to a MicroSD card. insert the MicroSD Card into the phone and reboot into recovery mode (Hold the Power Button, Select Reboot and hold the Volume Up key in, until the CWM Recovery Screen has loaded From the CWM menu (Volume Buttons go up and down and Home is Select and Back is Back.) Select Install ZIP from SDCard > Choose ZIP from SDCard > and select the ROM you downloaded (the zip file) you will then need to confirm it. (Install can take up to 5 minutes dependent on the ROM selected so be patient) Once completed you will be returned to the Main CWM Menu from there select "Wipe Cache Partition" and then select "Wipe Data / Factory Reset" Finally select reboot now and allow the phone to reboot. The first boot can take up to 5 minutes to load. You will now be prompted with the ICS Setup Wizard, You have successfully installed the ROM, Follow the setup instruction on your device to finish the installation. [Features of the ROM's] Inbuilt Dictionary Fix and removed LatinIME.apk from "\System" Boot Screen and Splash Screen are the same as the stock firmware. All Stock Google Apps included (Including Play Music and Books on B936) Most Huawei Apps included (Some are not included yet.) Google Chrome now comes pre-installed (Installed to System, Taken from B940) Added the missing Sounds from the builds, (Ringtones, Alarms, Noises etc). As close to a fully working stock B934 or B936 firmware as you can get with all the fixes working. [Download Links for ROM Repack's] B934: Can be downloaded here. (Provided by, Google Docs / Drive) B936: Still in development, Coming Soon. [Frequently Asked Questions] Q: What does this ROM do that stock B934 and B936 can't do. A: It has fixes to some of the problems that are inbuilt in to the stock B934 and B936 firmwares, This includes the famous dictionary problem (words underlined in red). For a full list of what is included and fixed in the ROM's see the section marked "Features of the ROM's" above. Q: How do I get on to the 2030 baseband or install CWM Recovery. A: To install CWM Recovery or get on to the 2030 baseband you will need to follow my guide, (Click here for link) to install any version of ICS and to install CWM. Note: to get on to the 2030 baseband you will need to install a full version of ICS firmware, See Section 2 in the guide for more information. Q: Why has B934 been released but not B936. A: In short this is because B934 was made first as in terms of fixes and development it for me was easier, B936 as of 21:00 on 23/09/2012 is still being built and tested by me, I am having a lot of problems with the missing Google Apps, Getting them to work correctly. Further to this some of the changes made to B936 won't allow the Chrome app to be integrated correctly so will be looking in to this. B934 was done very early on and only needed 3 minor revisions since the initial development whereas B936 I have made about 15 different changes and am still trying to get it to work. [Change Log] B934, Initial Version (v1.0.0.0 - 23092012) B936, Initial Version (In Development, Still Testing)
  11. Yes it does need stock recovery, but it still works with CWM on there but it just comes up with the above error. When you flash a firmware after that it shows the IEMI as Zero.
  12. Yer there is a FAQ on that somewhere, You will need to carry on with the guide as mentioned above and install a FULL firmware, (A ROM does not install stuff like the baseband wich is now needed due to the IEMI being zeroed. Download a fill firmware zip file for GB or ICS (GB try B892, ICS try B926 or B934) Hope that helps
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