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  1. Will it be a hotfix or an entirely new build? Ill save flashing now otherwise.
  2. i tried moving ic_lockscreen_handle_normal.png to /system/framework/framework-res.apk/res/drawable-hdpi but X-plore wouldnt allow it?
  3. I always get slowdown when i first start typing a text...or typing any text for that matter. i always assumed it was an issue with Swiftkey.
  4. Not being a fan of the custom handle on the lockscreen i went on a search and found these: http://www.slimroms.net/index.php/downloads/all/viewcategory/212-lockscreen sadly they do not work :(
  5. thanks for the fix, C3C0. I must say, this is perhaps the fastest rom ive used. Ive been using your PA 2.80/CM10 rom for the past month and this feels like an improvement. While im here, what would be the best way migrating from Links2SD to INT2EXT? Remove/unlink apps, Wipe dalvik and flash the script?
  6. Sadly i had no luck with INT2EXT+ but Links2SD seems to be working ok
  7. ChowChilla

    Which Memory Card?

    Ordered. Thanks guys.
  8. Ive been using the supplied Transcend 2gb memory card since purchase but now im looking for an upgrade. I think some of my phone sluggish performance is due to the card. i can pick up a SanDisk Mobile Ultra microSDHC card for £10 now so.... do they work?
  9. Ive already browsed through that and it doesn't offer much apart from font colours and god awful chat bubbles. Would it be possible to just get the stock apk from elsewhere and push it?
  10. Is there any way to restore the default look of Messaging? The version included looks awful, no message dividers and the layout is just amateur.
  11. ChowChilla

    Device wont boot/recovery woes.

    how do i get into fastboot. i was trying that before but could get into it. EDIT. well my phone has just decided to boot after being on the initial screen for about 15 mins.
  12. Right, Decided to install Paranoid Android again because of some issues. Started to transfer the ROM/GAPPS to the SD-CARD and the transfer freezes. so i unplug the phone and reboot it. For some reason the phone wont boot (i didn't wipe anything) just stays on the little green man. So i try going back into recovery and im having an issue that i sometimes get (CWM 5.5.04) whereby the volume up and down keys don't work. Usually this is solved by booting up the phone and rebooting into recovery. So now im stuck with a recovery that i cant navigate and a phone that doesn't book. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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