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  1. Actually i'm in Newark New Jersey, EUA right now for a couple of months. I was in Portugal first and the ROM gave me 3G all the time, by a different baseband you mean i have to step out of Infusion and go stock?! Can you point me in the right direction? Thanks, i'm really frustrated and a glimpse away from trowing this brick to the wall ;)
  2. APN settings are fine, checked with store. If i put the sim card on another device, it gives 3G or 4G depending, but mine only has Edge2 and in portugal i always had HSDPA+11 Is it something to do with RIL related? should i re-install infusion ROM, another baseband (currently 2030)? thanks
  3. Hi, i'm using B06 for quite sometime in Portugal Vodafone and everything was fine (except for the caller id lag) I moved to Newark, NJ last month and bought a t-mobile sim card and since then i only have EDGE data connection... baseband 2030 from 927... Any ideas? Thanks
  4. @Tillaz: I also continue to have CallerId lag on Infusion B06 (latest). Oddly enough, once i install the rom it works perfectly, but after a couple of days the caller id lag comes up randomly. I installed B06 from fresh, no backup apps, full wipes and format/partition. This is the only downside in this rom and an ocasional FC on Play store and dolphin browser... Good work Tillaz but the Lag is lagging me.... ;)
  5. Good to know Tillaz as after more than a week without caller id lag, the bastard lagged again.... ;)
  6. Same here... Save button description not properly configured
  7. @ Tillaz: This is by FAR the best Infusion (or other) Rom! B05 is working flawlessly! -Caller ID is working fine since day 09/11/12. One thing i did was install Wondershare MobileGo for Android and reduplicate any possible contacts, and editing some phone numbers manualy, cleaning up the list a bit. -I don't have any FC's on any apps, camera good, gps good, wi-fi excelent, contacts list working fine (also i can star a contact and it automatically appear as favorite), no bugs so far, great battery life. -if only we could eliminate the static hiss that comes from the 3.5' jack and put in an 8MP carl zeiss sensor on it ;) Any way, great great job Tillaz, beer money is on the way this weekend :)
  8. @Tillaz: I'm on B04 and since day one haven't had (fingers crossed...) a singeCaller ID Lag. :) Still, overall performance its sluggish compared to B03 but have lot's of free memory, never drops from 80-100 Mb free. Please don't touch the Caller app or dialler since it seems to be working fine, at least for me. I'm on Vodafone Portugal, came from B926 > B04
  9. @tillaz: Afer running fine for 4 or 5 days, caller Id just stopped working, i patched it and worked fine but since 3 days ago i never get the id from the person who's calling, just the number, i rebooted the phone, reapplyed fix.zip patch and the issue remains, no ID just number. Also contacts edition or creating personalized list doesn't work in B02 neither calling bak someone from most frequently dialed contacts... it's broken all over... No other issues, but contacts is really putting me down, i may have to buy another phone or go GB... F**k huawei dev team.............. :(
  10. Hi Tillaz: Just to let you know: Caller ID is finally working with no lags, although i've mentioned a few bugs in contacts apk you supplied in some posts above, not being able to add to favorites or multi select contacts when managing a personalized contact list or call back from most frequently dialed numbers list... In performance it's great, 3 days moderate WiFi use Bluetooth always on, reasonable call time ;) if you can polish contacts app, it will be just perfect. Thanks and keep the updates rolling!
  11. Tillaz, been running B02 with Caller Id zip patch for two hole days now and it SEEMS to be working properly. However, when i click on the phone icon and then on an entry from recent call list, nothing happens...(used to call back to that contact) and if i press on the contact photo it says: contact not found. Also: when i click on a contact star to make it favorite, it doesn't add it to the favorites list and when creating personalized lists and then adding contacts, it "clips" the contact list once you start typing the contacts name to add (before this version it would take you to the actual contact list and let you select multiple contacts at once...)
  12. yep :( again, got used to it by now... i asked about this to Huawei support and they ask me to send my unit to be repaired...customer support: blah! Edit: downloaded fix.zip, will report tomorrow about it since it's almos 24:00 here, thanks for trying to still solve this Tillaz!
  13. @tillaz: Have you checked Huawei site lately? Available since 18/10/2012 HUAWEI Ascend G300 Open Source(U8815,IcecreamSandwich,kernel-3.0.8) this kernel file is just for ROM developers http://www.huaweidev...tId=3940&tb=0);
  14. Yeah, i can test like that and every single call shows prompt Caller ID. But then, go out or play around with your phone and when someone calls you it will be there the delay... it's random... yesterday received 8/9 calls all ok, at evening caller ID lag. Today by morning caller ID lag on firts call, no lag on 2nd call and lag again just 3 minutes ago...
  15. Tillaz is implementing Contacts from android 4.0.4. Wait for it then update his latest Rom, hope it sorts out the Caller ID bug...
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