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  1. Hi Friends I want To Know How can i mAke cwm Flashable Rom I Alerady have stock system.img , boot.img ,etc or rom.bin i just want to customize it just change i con and launcher Or just know me how can i re pack system.img im extracted but dont know how to re pack it after changing icons removing extra un necessories app plz plz reply..... and thanks in advannce regards shakil
  2. can any one plz... know me how to use s2e with this rom im tried but its not working but when im use s2e with cm7 its work plz help this rom is best for my idea blade hope any one can help me
  3. TPT Will Work In My chinese Idea Blade (256 mb Ram)
  4. il playing temple run 2 :) im use this setting mokee os vs 1.10 (official update no cm setting include) + leva kernel (best for battery and gaming performance) + overclocked to min 245mhz - max 748 mhz + governor - ondemand + 256 mb swap partation thats it and its work ;) download temple run from - www.androidplace.net
  5. there is no conference call option there is only add opt.... when i add there is only swap call option available can you plz know me where i find conference call option i'l attached screenshot of added call
  6. Hi Im Using T0mm13b Rom Its give me best performance Best Gaming my question is how can i add cyanogenmod 7 settings on it can any opne explain me how to add im begginer my blade is idea blade
  7. can i use this dialer on 2.3.7 tom13b rom if not then plz make for it the tom13b rom was awesome simple stable fast with great performance my blade is idea blade (chinese blade)
  8. how can i set wcdma only becase a alwayes go on 2g network(e) plz add the setting
  9. Hi Im Installed Cm 7 Besed Many Roms But Same Problem Found The Fm Radio Not Working When Im Open The fm Radio No Sound Incoming But I Im Installed Swidish Snow / Moldovan Mil Hie Mountain Pie The Fm radio Work Properly Can Any One Give Me A patch For It Plzzzzzzzz... My Blade Is Idea Blade / Chinese Blade Thanks In Advance
  10. Fm Radio Not Working How to Fix It Can Any one Give Me Any Pach For It I Have Chinese Blade / Idea Blade
  11. Can You Plz Add Notification Power Wingets And Swap Setting The Rom Performance Is Very Good
  12. Hi I installed CyanogenMod 7.0.3 (Android 2.3.3) on Ma Idea Blade (Chinese Blade) Its Really fast And Awesome Performance But I Facing Some Problem :( The Sencers Not Working How can I Fix this I dont Like CyanogenMod 7.2 Because Its Leave Very Low Ram 30-35 With Gappa And cm7.0.3 Leave 60-65 With Gappa Can Any one Know How To Fix It Or Give Me Any Patch For It
  13. Can Any One Plz Add Cyanogen Mod Setting (Lockscreen Wingets) In Swidish Snow
  14. Thanks But I dont Want Dolby Player I Want Dolby Setting that Works With Other Player Also
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