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  1. Thanks for the update Dazz.Boring saturday night just got awesome :)
  2. Aport

    Cheap as chips?

    320x480 resolution for 5" screen ? 1 Mpix rear camera ? Resistive screen ? You can buy G300 for a bit more.
  3. G330 is better in almost every aspect, but it has normal TFT panel compared to G300s IPS panel which makes a huge difference.
  4. Great work Dazz as always.It will be a sad day when you stop developing for G300 :( :D
  5. Dual core, ICS, NFC, 100 pounds price ? How can that fail ? But G300 has better screen (IPS panel).
  6. There is one more problem, maybe it just me.When you want to use mobile internet instead of WiFi, you have to reboot your phone.
  7. Wi-Fi freezes every time, no exceptions.Other than that, great rom.
  8. I had the same problem and i just went to recovery->advanced-> fix permisions.Worked for me.
  9. Haven't you read the thread ? When you call someone while listening to music volume increases 100% for about a sec and it stays clear and crisp, so its not a hardware issue.
  10. Can someone please fix this, its really frustrating ? 35% of people got this problem which is considerable.
  11. Why do you need courage ? I tried it and it works.You first backup the apps you want and then you go to batch option and find section "restore".From there you build a .zip as you like.But when you install the rom, you first need to boot it up and after its booted and ready to use, then you reboot to recovery and install it from there.
  12. This update basically "fixes" the most annoying thing about changing roms - restoring your old data.They added a feature that will change everything.Now you can create a flashable .zip with your backups and when installing a new rom you don't lose time restoring all of the apps.So basically when you flash a new rom with cwm you flash .zip that you created with Titanium Backup and when you boot your phone for the first time, then everything you backed up including apps and their data, sms, call logs and everything that you backed up becomes available right away without you needing to do it manually.Unfortunally, that feature is available for pro users only, but i think that this is going to be my first software purchase ever.Cracked version is already available, but you will have to find that yourself :) Changelog : • [PRO] Can create update.zip containing apps+data, apps only or data only. Both user & system apps are supported and the file can be signed. • [PRO] Can upload files >150 MB to Dropbox. • Improved "Overview of app storage use" screen, shows app location & supports refresh / click / long-click. • [PRO] Improved fault tolerance for Dropbox upload. • Fixed failure to un-protect backups on ext2/3/4. • Fixed possible FC when importing a backup. • Misc bugfixes & improvements. • Updated translations. App link
  13. Aport

    First Android!

    You have pinned threads explaining how to do all those things you mentioned.I would recommend you Infusion custom rom, but you can try all of them.And most of those roms are pre-rooted, so you don't need to root it yourself.
  14. I got Sennheiser HD500, Maxell in ear headphones and iPod earbuds.First two are 32 ohms, i don't now impedance of earbuds.They all sound really quiet and only in ears have at least OK sound loudness (only with PowerAmp using preamp).

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