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  1. read op it exsplains you need to update adb I think on PC,for it to work
  2. Kit Kat is all I want as its serposed to serport lower spec devices can not wait to see if its what they say. in daz we trust
  3. Can still confirm no bugs other than video record no reboots and its grate for gaming
  4. for those that want to no whats new in kitkat this exsplaines it well :)
  5. Had the problem with WiFi and on the first reboot it would go into boot loop so I down graded cwm and Fashed again and boom all working thanks for this rom its so close to being perfic got 8411 on antutu my best ever score 4.2.2 all the way
  6. yes can confirm no green line or distortion when not in HQ in youtube using g510
  7. it looks like you have not updated cwm
  8. no all went smoothly for me
  9. or just tap screen also works for me
  10. i got the same. daz said it will be fixed in tonights release but i will try what you done,as i can not wait :D
  11. can some one show me another link to gapps as i can not download for link in op,thanks in advance.someone was reading my mind :)
  12. when trying to install cm 10.2 i get assert failed: get prop(ro produt)device. any help please?

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