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  1. RT @AnnoyedGamer: Reminder: A new Annoyed Gamer went up a few hours ago: http://t.co/dmlxxWgc9J

  2. Battery life for me so far on this has been fantastic but i have only been doing odd email/sms/whatsapp but not bad so far 187hrs with 46% left.
  3. I have noticed the same issues as you with the volume
  4. I'm not really a fan of any of the roms for this phone I look at what is/has been produced for the original desire and the roms are so much better. I would love roms like the ones mildwild produces for desire on this phone I find all the Huawei g300 roms are the same.
  5. Maybe the deal vodafone had for it to exclusive has expired so the next batches will be other networks or g330.
  6. which launcher are most people using here maybe that is why some people are having curtain issues. Any one know how I can change the infusion boot logo not really a fan of it?
  7. It's safe anti virus is just giving false reading i think this was to combat keygens/cracks
  8. My AVG has started to show this as virus it was fine until a recent update. I ignore it anti virus shows false positives up all the time now its really annoying.
  9. I can't download any of these it always comes up page not found. Can someone re up them thanks
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