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  1. you need these guys and they are also on vodafone. https://www.kontaktmobile.co.uk/shop. a five pound top up (payg) gives you 250mb that lasts 60 days and five pounds worth of credit for calls (9p/min) and texts (9p/min).
  2. six months on and both ovivo and samba are going strong. and between myself and my son we've saved about £150 :)
  3. I would also like to thank KonstaT & all involved for this amazing rom. :)
  4. monthly packs are way overpriced compared to giffgaff: http://community.giffgaff.com/t5/Blog/Upcoming-Goodybag-changes/ba-p/8283414 i suspect only freedom plan customers will stay with ovivo now and, obviously, that can't last. for me it's decision time as i don't want any hassle with my mobile number if they do run into trouble.
  5. i luv 'em both:) just maxed out the samba ads whilst watching tv over the last hour or so. credit stands at 948mb. 500mb add on for your payg 3 costs £5 why would you not want this?
  6. samba saves the day! my virgin broadband is down as i write so i'm writing this using my samba card in my old mobile phone as a dongle. speed is 2.7mb allowing very good browsing speed. plusnet home broadband speed in my area is 1.8mb! no brainer :)
  7. i don't like contracts, ebay, tmobile or being deceitful to obtain that deal. i prefer honesty, payg, vodafone and the word FREE :)
  8. it works! my allowance reset today right on que. luv it :)
  9. i've tried most of konstat's blade roms but always come back to Swedish Snow RLS7 as it's the only one that plays bbc iplayer and is 100% stable. this rom rocks! :D
  10. thanks for clearing that up hecatae. "if you wish to leave OVIVO." confused me as it's not the same as ovivo going bust :)
  11. ovivo is a bit vague about this: http://ovivomobile.c...view=3151#q3151 or are they?
  12. as a light mobile phone user the ovivo is perfect for me. i can't see any need for me to top up again :) the samba card i've bought now resides in my orange san francisco and is used as a wifi hotspot, dongle, watching you tube videos, a sat nav and general surfin. i'm saving £10/month with very little inconvenience. thanks zarch and all contributors :)
  13. so why not get the samba sim instead? £2-50 then watch a few adverts and get free data, job done :)
  14. so far so good. everything promised has been delivered. ordered ovivo sim last sunday, received it wednesday and transfered number on friday. they also added £3 for transfering my number to ovivo and £3 for refering my wife. as an added bonus, i'm now getting the best 3g performance i've ever had :) thanks for the heads up on this :)
  15. don't ignore the ovivo loyalty bonus: http://ovivomobile.com/255/ovivo-rewards/featured-promotions-1 top up £10/month (which is what i spend with giffgaff at the moment) for a year and you should end up with 300 free texts - 300 free minutes & 800mb free internet which once earnt will remain whether you top up again or not :)
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