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  1. Missing 800MHz 4G which is needed for quite a few UK networks.
  2. I would choose the Xperia M2 or the Alcatel Idol 2.
  3. I always pick the free postage options as opposed to DHL etc and have always been lucky too.
  4. Yes but 3 do not have their own 2G network. Where they do not offer 3G I believe you can use EE's 2G, hence his friend needs a 3G capable phone.
  5. ChrisPNE

    FM Radio?

    Perhaps a bit drastic but the stock radio app on the MIUI ROM works perfectly.
  6. ChrisPNE

    Micro SD Problem

    Reformatted the 32GB card and it seems to be working again.
  7. ChrisPNE

    Micro SD Problem

    Yesterday my V5 temporarily froze and then a notification said "SD card is damaged. Try reformatting it". I have tried restarting the phone and mounting the card (Kingston 32GB Class 4), same notification. This card had been working with the V5 for 6+ months. I have tried the card in my tablet and it works perfectly. When trying a 2GB Samsung card in my V5, I mounted and it worked perfectly. Is the fix as simple as reformatting the 32GB card in the V5? Thank you in advance for any help.
  8. Whilst I am used to my 5 inch V5, the 4.5 inch Moto G is perfectly usable. Much more easily pocketed as well.
  9. I think the Moto G has made China phones redundant. It has delivered solid specs and a UK warranty at the same price point.
  10. It is the PPI that determines how sharp the screen looks. He is comparing PPI. The PPI is calculated from screen size and resolution.
  11. ChrisPNE

    Pebble announce the Steel

    My manager received the original Pebble recently. After he changed the strap I thought the Pebble's reputation for being ugly was unfair.
  12. I check daily. More frequently than that is a waste of time as they don't update that often.
  13. Scan are selling open box Nexus 4 for £130.
  14. I received a Aoson M33 tablet from Merimobiles yesterday. 9.7 inch retina screen RK3188 quad core 2GB RAM 16GB ROM The tablet is very good so far. Merimobiles also asked me if I wanted to pay $8 for quicker delivery but I declined. It was dispatched on 2/12/13 and was dispatched overseas on 6/12/13. 15 days with free delivery in December is pretty good and glad I didn't pay extra.
  15. To force people to use their cloud services and Google Play so they can harvest even more information and money. We've all sold them our souls anyway by getting a smartphone I suppose.
  16. All fair points but I'm not sure I could cope with a screen smaller than 5 inches and no micro SD.
  17. I believe Gravity Box is for MTK6589 only. Your Blade is not this SoC.
  18. My friend works for a company that can have packages delivered to a UK address and then forwarded to your address. That would be an option for you.
  19. Given the speeds available on H+ I don't really see the point switching to 4G.
  20. I think he meant the criticism, not the retailers. Many of us have bought from Merimobiles with no problems.
  21. ChrisPNE

    R against signal bars, what to do?

    Your phone will be doing this because 3 have a roaming deal with EE for 2G coverage. It's nothing to worry about.
  22. That's how much Touchwiz slows down Samsung phones.
  23. ChrisPNE


    Eventually received a black back over and a pair of screen protectors from Pandawill. All official Vowney products and good quality. The black back cover has a matte finish in comparison to the white cover and gives the phone a far more premium look and feel.
  24. ChrisPNE

    Homescreen Pics

    Here is my central home screen. I can't really share the others as they have personal data on them.

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