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  1. RT @BBCSport: "Sorry to all my fellow riders" Paolini expelled from #TDF after testing positive for cocaine http://t.co/XOYeqT7z5X http://…

  2. RT @Mhilly6: If Swindon defend like that I'm sure the 2 boys up top for @pnefc will destroy them!!!

  3. RT @BorisJohnson: Who does he think he is? Moses? Future archaeologists will gaze with bafflement at this waste of good stone. http://t.co/…

  4. RT @triggywiggy: Jermaine Beckford has been named #SkyBetLeagueOne Player of the month for April. #PNEFC

  5. RT @H4ryB: French president Hollande tried out Miliband's policies in 2012. Look what happened... #bbcqt #GE2015 http://t.co/JmETQo0vUd

  6. Great weekend for #pnefc! Keeping up the pressure on the chasing pack and in some style. #wtjotp

  7. Hey Scotland. This is what it feels like for England every game.

  8. RT @jjjdesign: Typical of Jeremy Clarkson to take the international headlines away from Macclesfield Towns latest win against Telford.

  9. RT @Gooners247: Great result for us tonight. No way would I be wanting to go to Preston away to face Kevin Davies. Falcao all day long. #CO

  10. Missing 800MHz 4G which is needed for quite a few UK networks.
  11. Fantastic victory for England. The Welsh look a bit silly now. #6nations

  12. "I have a lot of fans, I am the PNE raver" - @jimmya_

  13. Before the draw I said to @nikkitopping that worst possible draw is Sheffield United. I'm going to put the lottery on. #pnefc

  14. Happy New Year everyone!

  15. RT @itvfootball: The thoughts of everyone at ITV Sport are with our colleague and friend Clarke Carlisle and his family.

  16. [email protected] report about @AppIeOfflciaI shows how they haven't kept their promises about employee welfare. Shocking scenes.

  17. I don't like Liverpool or Gerrard but what a free kick! He comes up with the goods again.

  18. Just seen a cyclist led in the middle of the A6 for at least 45 mins before an ambulance turned up. Thankfully members of the public helped.

  19. RT @psgupdate: Safe journey to all 900+ whites on the way to Bristol, let's make some noise and make this a defining moment of our season. …

  20. Convicted drink driver Clarke Carlisle on #BBCNWT criticising Dave Whelan. You think he'd keep his head down!

  21. Missed a great win for #pnefc today but celebrating the wedding of a fantastic couple Jon and Ellie was well worth it.

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