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  1. What is the Screen time you get on this phone? Thank You !
  2. Hello, Thank You for this tip! and guide but what "GOOD" Apps are there on the amazon store? when i look it seems limited :( Please share some GOOD PAID apps to use these coins, or make a another post saying top 10 apps to buy! Got the money but dont know what to spend it on :P
  3. Hello I think we need a new section here I regard to google Chromecast since its officially out in the UK :).
  4. Its a Fantastic offer! But for those who bought it on O2 Sadly i dont qualify :( - Got mine from TESCO Great phone ! and bought a normal cover from Ebay £3
  5. Hi! Remember me :P :) Thanks for your time and finding that! Very helpfull for new comers like myself !
  6. Anyone know the size ? Anyone installed if
  7. I have loads of questions: 1) Does GTA Vice city/San Andreas work? 2) Do YOU THink Mojo will be a HIT or Flop? 3) I think the price is Waaaayyy to high!!! £219.. Is alot for a android console. Do you think the price should have been less around £129? 4) Whats the Best alternative: I want a Andriod Console, Cheap, TEGA 4 , 2GB RAM , can play good games and be used as a media playback device. It hard to find, but do you think there is a furture for Android Consoles
  8. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-25956284 Wow I'm very surprised by this! Did anyone Expect it? What this make future updates Less likely? Aka andriod 5? Why did google sell Motorola? Does that mean they lose their patents or. Google keeps patents but sells Motorola?
  9. Please do a review of the mojo. How is it ? Do you recommended it ? Does. Grand theft auto games work?
  10. I'm 99% sure but its hardly any difference at all. There are no tesco apps and nearly like stock. Just under settings it says module code or number tesco. Thats all
  11. hahaha lucky! TBH you deserve it :) You work hard and make loads of wicked amazing roms and work hard, this one already moto g the y300 and loads more here!! Use it phone and make better more cool rooms!! Keep up the hard work! :) :D
  12. Hello a week ago I read. If you unlock and root. This will leave traces behind if you try to go back in case of a warranty. Is this still true? If I unlocked boot loader and root. Can I go back to normal and still gain warranty ? Thank you
  13. So I got the update and thinking if I should install it I have two questions. Is this true someone said 1 So does that mean you will get a lower battery in KitKat Can someone give feedback on this and the battery with KitKat thank you Question two On KitKat the transparent pannel buttons at the bottom. If I have Nova launcher. I'm guessing. I will still get the transparent panel right ? Question 3 Can you get Text Wrap? Q4 To thoses have Kitkack post your feedback Thank you very much :)
  14. 1) For 8gb yes around 5gb 2) Yes it does have a notification light, but its half working half broken, i aint fixed mine yet, but you can. 3) yes its clear quality
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