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  1. well I installed it and I cant test is because when phone boots it says that "Unfortunately, Setup Wizard has stopped".
  2. Hello, I didnt noticed lithuanian language so is it possible for you to add it at next release? Or is there a way which could help me to do it by myself? thanks.
  3. Hey, great rom but for me mobile internet (3G) doesnt work although WIFI works good.
  4. Hello, Ive got one problem. Why music, or game sounds and etc. sounds well and loud enough on phone speaker, but when someone is calling I got about half of that volume? I have checked all settings, volume is set to max but still problem persist. (Im talking about not in call volume,but about sound which is playing when someone is calling.) Thanks for responses.
  5. Yeah i know that, but is there a simple way to have that icon in meniu? because I really got used to it and it is hard for me not to use it anymore. If not, so be it.. Thanks for responses.
  6. May be, but in my experience CM9 had some annoying bugs(at least for me) for ex. some 3d party camera applications was not working, sometimes text in meniu or google play turned in some kind of "hieroglifs" . And I use adw launcher which seem to work faster with infusion. Only better thing for me in CM9 was that sound in phone speaker was better. When I overclocked my phone in cm9 it sooner or later it freezed and it hasn't happened with Infusion yet... although antutu shows similar results. So had you solved your settings problem? If yes can you share your experience?
  7. Great rom. But I cant see settings icon on my meniu and I would like to know how to enable it. And I've installed B07 version but rom in a update section shows that I'm on 06, then it offers me to update my rom. I updated once but unfortunately rom update "center" still shows me that I need update my phone to 07 so now I just ignoring that atleast for now. I've tried CM9 before Infusion and I can tell that for me Infusion runs faster, I have not noticed any major glitches yet. So how you understood I need to know how to enable settings icon in my meniu. Thanks. Btw. Keep up the good work!
  8. Thank you all for your responses about all backup. I have another question. What options for overclocking is the best? I had overclocked to 1228 but phone freezed... And I noticed one glitch, when I overcloked setings meniu letters wasnt clear it looked like some kind of hieroglifs, someone has posted this problem before.
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