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  1. Not sure if I am correct on this, but I think the issue is drivers are only available for Windows for a lot of webcams. I think the Logitech C170 camera could be used with android for some reason though, but am not sure on that either.
  2. SG8

    China Phone Discussion [Part 2]

    TCL M2U has the Sony IMX214. THL2015 has Sony IMX135. Have a M2U on the way to me, so hopefully will find out how good the camera is soon.
  3. SG8

    China Phone Discussion [Part 2]

    Ordered a TCL M2U from Aliexpress so am waiting on it to be delivered now. http://www.devicespecifications.com/en/model/8a8d329b
  4. Thanks, might invest so!! Recently picked up a MLAIS MX59 from Pandawill for 132usd, was working fine, but appears to have developed a few issues (random reboots and camera is no longer working!!), am trying to see if I can flash another rom to see if it solves the problem but am struggling to get it flashed!!
  5. Would the 1GB Ram be ok with an Octacore chip ? Coolpad 7320 for instance, thought 2GB would be required to get the best out of it ?
  6. It now appears that the phone was supplied at that price, mine is on its way apparently!!
  7. http://www.pandawill.com/mlais-mx59-smartphone-mtk6589t-2g-32g-50-inch-ips-fhd-screen-android-42-otg-silver-p89555.html Pandawill were selilng an MX59 at a good price, sold out now though. Anybody any opinions on this, looked too good to resist at that price!! EDIT: Looks like they were doing a bait and switch, took orders (and payment) for the phones but does not look like they have any to send out (asking people to wait for their 'next shipment' or choose something else from their site).
  8. Anybody used this site before, have not heard of them before now. Also does anyone know how the MTK6582 does in relation to GPS/SatNav uses ?
  9. Anyone any experience with Inew i4000 ? http://www.minideal.net/inew-i4000-android-4-2-phone-5-full-hd-retina-screen-1-2ghz-quadcore-441ppi.html
  10. I bought a tablet off them and it was a pile of crap, when I tried to get any help from THEIR forum apad.tv, they just banned me and refused to answer any emails sent to their email address. I can put up with slow deliveries, and questionable stock availability but they seem to have set up the apad.tv forum to deliberately mislead people and anyone that complains just gets banned and their 'negative' posts get removed.
  11. Dealsprime (aka Chinagrabber, GadgetGreats, IG8 and a few other names) are the WORST place I have ever dealt with, once they get your money they don't want to know anymore. Avoid at all costs is my motto!!
  12. Found another ROM which seems to do the job also, without any issue with the storage etc., so am all sorted!! Thanks again for the assistance!
  13. Thanks Tillaz, but the The rom I downloaded (when unzipped) gives me a 'clockword mod' folder with a backup folder and another folder inside that with some .tar files and one of them is called system.ext4.tar so I unzipped that folder and within the system folder that that produced there is a folder called 'etc' but there are no files in that folder that end with .vstab There is a vold.fstab so I am not sure I am going the right way about this ?? Is the vold.fstab any use or is it a different file entirely ?
  14. Just to update on my progress with the LENOVO A830, the S4UI rom was fine but gave awful problems with WIFI connectivity, so have gone back to the first rom (with the storage problem). Tillaz if you are out there I could do with getting that sorted!! Am going to try a few other roms, but the one thing that I have found amazing is that the GPS works very well, if I could get the storage issue sorted I think the rom would be almost perfect.

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